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Audrey Manning

Audrey Manning

Audrey Manning grew up in Brooklyn, just blocks from the Etsy office. When not writing for Etsy’s Seller Handbook and the Etsy Success Newsletter, she can be found knitting for her Etsy shop, abrooklynheart. Keep up with her on Twitter and Pinterest.

Wholesale Holiday Preparation

The holiday buying season for retailers is almost here. Learn how to ready your business for wholesale holiday orders.

By Audrey Manning Jul 6, 2017

I Opened My Etsy Shop, Now What?

Build on the momentum of opening your shop with these tips for getting your first sale and establishing a successful business.

By Audrey Manning May 30, 2017

How 3 Etsy Sellers Take Product Photos in Their Homes

Have you mastered the art of photographing your products at home? Learn how three Etsy sellers arrived at their winning home set-ups.

By Audrey Manning May 9, 2017

4 Customer Service Tips for Craft Supply Sellers

Learn to anticipate common questions, provide shoppers with the guidance they're looking for, and earn loyal customers with these tips.

By Audrey Manning Mar 20, 2017

What to Sell on Etsy

Interested in opening an Etsy shop but unsure what you should sell? Learn about what kinds of products can be sold on Etsy and how to choose.

By Audrey Manning Jan 17, 2017

Become an Etsy Wholesale Seller in 2017

Resolve to grow your business this year by expanding into wholesale. Follow these steps to get started.

By Audrey Manning Jan 10, 2017

How to Talk Confidently About Your Business

Are you bold or bashful when asked about your business? Confident Etsy shop owners share their tips for giving your shop talk a confidence boost.

By Audrey Manning Nov 22, 2016

Prepare Your Shop for Holiday Success

Start preparing your shop for the holiday rush with this handy to-do list that includes important seasonal dates and time management tips.

By Audrey Manning Sep 22, 2016

6 Tips for Selling Accessories on Etsy

Top accessory sellers and Etsy merchandising specialists share their tips for making your accessory products stand out to shoppers.

By Audrey Manning Aug 23, 2016

Creative Ways to Help Your Business Grow

Experienced Etsy shop owners share how their businesses have grown and evolved since their early days.

By Audrey Manning Jul 28, 2016