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Advice and inspiration for successfully running your Etsy shop

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Branding and marketing

Developing and promoting your brand to shoppers and the press, plus how to ace customer service

2018 Valentine’s Day Shopping Trends

Looking to win the hearts of valentine shoppers? Here are our top Etsy trend predictions for sweethearts and singles alike.

By Audrey Manning Jan 5, 2018

The Ultimate Guide to Marketing

Learn everything you need to know about promoting your business online, including social media and email tactics, SEO, getting press, and advertising.

By Etsy Staff Nov 20, 2017

How to Advertise on Etsy

Etsy offers two paid advertising services to promote your items in relevant search results: Promoted Listings and Google Shopping Ads.

By Etsy Staff Sep 20, 2017

Is Online Advertising Right for You?

Crunch these numbers to see if online advertising makes sense for your business.

By Etsy Staff Sep 20, 2017

How to Market Your Business on Facebook

Get our top tips for using the world's largest social media platform to increase exposure to your brand and reach your target audience.

By Etsy Staff Sep 20, 2017

How to Market Your Business on YouTube

By creating engaging and value-adding video content, attract a new audience of buyers to your shop.

By Etsy Staff Sep 20, 2017

Organizing a Productive Promotion for Your Shop

A strategic promotional campaign can help bring in new shoppers, retain existing customers, and increase revenue in your shop.

By Etsy Staff Sep 20, 2017

Smart Strategies for Running a Free Shipping Promotion

A free shipping promotion can help attract shoppers and boost your revenue. Learn more about using free shipping as a promotional tool.

By Etsy Staff Sep 20, 2017

Getting Started With Advertising

Learn how to create ad campaigns with Promoted Listings or Google Shopping that will get you the most bang for your buck.

By Etsy Staff Sep 20, 2017

Case Study: Developing an Email Newsletter

One Etsy seller stops sending bland emails and starts reflecting the sparkle of her soul-filled brand in meaningful communications with subscribers.

By Etsy Staff Sep 20, 2017
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