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Seller Spotlight: Zandra Beauty

When her dad refused to buy her yet another lip gloss, 9-year-old Zandra Cunningham decided to make her own. Today she’s 17, and business is booming.

By Katie Hawley Nov 28, 2017

Inspiring Workspaces: Hey Mama Wolf

This textile designer stumbled onto an abandoned watermill that wound up bringing her hand-dyed yarn business to new heights.

By Tess Duncan Sep 22, 2017

How a Mother's Etsy Shop Saved Her Family From Eviction

When her family was two weeks from losing their home, this mom launched a business that fulfilled her creative calling and changed their lives forever.

By Tess Duncan Jul 18, 2017

Listen to the Etsy Success Podcast

Here's how to find new episodes of our podcast for Etsy sellers.

By Etsy Staff Jul 17, 2017

Inspiring Workspaces: PataPri

In a seaside sunroom overlooking Mount Fuji, this Japanese screenprinter makes baby blankets and bags for her 10-year-old Etsy shop.

By Julie Schneider May 16, 2017

Quit Your Day Job: MOSTLIKELY

A donkey mask made—and rejected—for a theater production led to a lightbulb moment that changed everything for this Austrian architect.

By Tess Duncan May 2, 2017

Inspiring Workspaces: La Lisette

This leatherworker transformed an abandoned elementary school in Amsterdam into her dream studio space.

By Tess Duncan Apr 4, 2017

Quit Your Day Job: Beardbangs

Since graduating from art school, this ceramicist has built a successful business and community art space in Montreal, in less than three years.

By Julie Schneider Mar 28, 2017

Inspiring Workspaces: (r-ki-tekt)

In an impeccably organized home studio in Atlanta, this Etsy seller makes bold accessories inspired by her Caribbean roots.

By Julie Schneider Feb 28, 2017

Quit Your Day Job: Pelham Goods

These newlyweds make a living creating fashionable iPhone cases by hand in Santiago, Chile. They've used their success to champion local artists.

By Julie Schneider Feb 9, 2017
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