Renewing Our Commitment to Transparency on Etsy

We’re making our Handmade Policy easier to understand and simplifying the process for disclosing your production partners.

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Handmade on Etsy

Etsy is home to many kinds of makers and creative business owners. Makers who create each item themselves, entrepreneurs with in-house staff, and designers who turn their ideas into finished products with production assistance are all part of the spectrum of handmade on Etsy.

No matter which type of seller you are, our policies have always emphasized the importance of being open with your customers about your materials, processes, and any help you might use to create your items and run your shop. You build trust with shoppers when you’re transparent about your business. We’ve also required that anything listed as handmade on Etsy be made or designed by you, the seller. These beliefs have been core to our values since Etsy was founded in 2005 and remain core to our values today.

Updates to our policies

Over time, our policies related to production assistance have evolved to meet the needs of our creative community. In 2013, we began asking shop owners who make their products with the help of a production partner to apply for outside manufacturing approval from Etsy. Through conversations with you, we learned that the application process and policies sometimes felt unclear and that there are many different ways to define what it means to be a maker and designer. We also heard that the application process could be time-consuming. We took all of the feedback we received to heart in order to create a more clearly written Handmade Policy and a more streamlined process for disclosing your production partnerships. It’s important to note that we haven’t changed any rules regarding what’s allowed, and not allowed, to be listed in the handmade category on Etsy.

An improved process

We’re making it easier to share information about your production partners when you add or edit a listing in your Etsy shop. If you work with a production partner to produce any of the products you sell, you must disclose this information on those listings. As of today, you can add and manage your production partners during the listing process. This way, you’re being as transparent as possible about your processes without having to wait for Etsy to review your partnership. Etsy’s Trust and Safety Team will review the production partner disclosures on listings and might reach out with additional questions to determine if your partnership is in line with our Manufacturing Policy and ethical expectations. We will also reach out to shops that need to implement these updates to try and bring them into compliance with our policies. Learn more about this new process for disclosing and managing production partners.

Clearer, more concrete language

We’ve updated our Handmade Policy to make it easier to understand. We want you to spend less time trying to decipher policies and more time on your creative business. Read the new policy.

Transparency in your listings

Disclosing your production partners is an important part of maintaining transparency in the Etsy market, and builds trust with shoppers. We’ve made it easy for you to do just that by adding information about your production partners when you list or edit items.