1178custom's Shop Announcement

1178designs is introducing a line of custom objects based on our / your pictures / photos.

Cufflinks - Pendants - Boxes - Nightlights - knobs .

Your pictures / photos will be first worked on with a design program, intensifying the graphic quality of your images
and printed on white or color art glass with a iron oxide toner and fired to 1400 F.

How to custom order?

#1. Send us your payment with paypal
#2. Email us your picture - if you can't email it- contact us and we will email our address
#3. Within2/3 days we will email you a mock up sample.
#4. Upon your approval we will fabricate your request

From payment to shipping about two weeks.
We reserve the copyright of the design for publications and further reproductions.

Any question?...do not hesitate to contact us

more at www.1178designs.com