168co's Shop Announcement

Welcome to my ETSY SHOP! Thanks for stopping by!!

I hope you love my designs as much as I love making them! You will find they are one of a kind and unique! The written character for jade means a combination of beauty and purity. The stone, in all its many hues and colors, is associated with long life and good health. It is smooth and cooling to the touch. Buying jade is really an art. Jade varies in color from deep green through yellow, brown and purple to white. The jade sold in Hong Kong is mostly natural jade.

I have a passion for jade and all things beautiful.......So needless to say........I LOVE what I do! Hopefully you come away with an item or two you will enjoy!!

Greetings to all my ETSY customers!


~ ~ Definition of Type A, B, C Jade ~ ~

Type A ~ Natural Fei Cui
Refers to Natural Fei Cui ( Jade) which has not been subjected to any form of chemical treatment. Note: Polishing with colorless wax is not classified as a chemical treatment as it will not cause any damage to the crystalline structure of the jade.

Type B ~
Refers to Fei Cui ( Jade) which has been chemically treated and resin impregnated.

Type C ~
Refers to Fei Cui ( Jade) which has been dyed with coloring agent.

Type B+C ~
Refers to Fei Cui ( Jade) which has been chemically treated, resin impregnated and dyed with color.

Remark : Type A, B and C are trade terms commonly used for Fei Cui ( Jade), in the jade industry, not representative of its grading.