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Welcome to 1898 Bathery & CO. A division of Queen Bee Apothecary, LLC (here on etsy at ). A unique and unordinary experience in high quality bath & body products celebrating the dark side of the victorian gothic era. Processing times are 3-7 business days till shipping.


LAVALIERE- perfumy scent with citrus, fruits, white florals & a smooth base
KASHMIR SPICE - warm cardamom, sandalwood & Kashmir Vanilla
BIJOU-sweetly exotic, fruity & deep but with a perfumy feel
HIPPIE CHIC - vanilla cocoa, amber, Nag & patchouli
SNAKE OIL - sexy, masculine warm spicy mix with clove/cedar/pepper
MUSE- green tea, fresh greens, blood orange & other citrus
CONJURE- warmly spiced fruit, richness with evergreens, floral & woods
BUCHAREST- unisex. Bold, gourmand woodsy mix of cedar, berry, jasmine & vanilla cinnamon, basing to suede, amber & patchouli notes
TEA PARTY - earthy, rich. like a tea shop full of mixed teas
LE COSTES - compare to Hotel Costes -spicy greens, florals, woods & musk

CANDIED APPLES-juicy apples, sweet strawberry puree, zesty citrus
PUMPKIN HEAD-sweet, creamy combination of pumpkin puree with warm notes of butter and sweet vanilla cream

ANTIDOTE n.3 -citrus, spice, masculine florals, woods, vanilla, white musk, amber, caramel, incense, Tonka vanilla. Woodsy oriental scent.
ARCANE AMBER - balsamic amber, warm spice, patchouli, slight smoky woods
BOIS DU OAK-warm, woody blend of red oak, cedar and musk
DEEP SOUTH-deep & rich scent. Bergamot, Apple Wood, Tonka Bean, Patchouli, Cedar & Oakmoss, Cardamom, Vanilla Bourbon & Allspice
FLORIDA WATER NO. 9 - citric notes, bay laurel, clove spice
GENTLEMAN O'LEARY-fresh spice, intense woods, incense
GENTLEMAN'S PARLOR- smoky tobacco, honey, cedar & cherry woods & vanilla
HAWTHORNE - black peppercorn, leather, warm woods, patchouli, musk & citrus
HEMLOCK MIST- patchouli, musk, coffee, vetiver and cedar
MIDNIGHT DREARY - masculine woody freshness, intense spice, fried coffee
QUARTERMASTER - true bay laurel accord with hints of bright citrus
SOMETHING WICKED- spicy heat, leather, citric herbs, clove, licorice, warm florals
TAMERLANE-dark & opulent - Green citrus, Absinthe, French sage, Fir, Vetiver, Madagascar Vanilla, Suede and Labdanum.
THE FOOL-fresh spice- bergamot, juniper berries, ginger and fern accords

ANTOINETTE- over-the-top scent. Spicy, fruity & darkly mysterious.
ALWAYS THE BLEEDING HEART-cherry lead, grape, vanilla, cinnamon & musks
AUTUMN SLUMBER- warm & rich amber blend with sweetness
BLACK WIDOW - An enchanting blend of black amber, clove, nutmeg and musk
BELLADONNA - white blossoms, peonies, wild jasmine, red roses, and fresh lavender
BEDLAM - an aromatic, warm spicy scent. unisex. unique woods, spices & artemesia
BLACK CAT-green notes, gardenia, Sambac jasmine, almond essence, dark wood, liquorice &Tonka. Unique & amazing!
BLACK MAGIC-magical. earthy sandalwood, ylang, patchouli. Powdery with vanilla
COCO SANTAL - rich, pure sandalwood. deep, sensual.
CINDERS & SWEET ASH - smoldering sweetness, rich & warm
CRUSHED PEARLS - seductive, mixed sandalwoods & musks, soft powdery florals
GUILDED OPIUM - citron, patchouli, jasmine, spice, golden amber musk, evergreen
GOTHAM- boozy opening with champagne & vodka, mid range with spiced tea, birch, juniper & leather; base of incense, musk and amber
GILDED LILY - gorgeous fruits & exotic florals with cashmere & sandalwoods
MADAME BUTTERFLY-the ultimate saucy, sexy scent. Deeply spiced oriental with a sweet woodsy, amber lined base. Men will flock to you, wear with care!
MOROCCAN SPICE- spicy orange, pure clove
ORIENT EXPRESS- warm, rich oriental. Rose, Saffron, Freesia, Patchouli, Heliotrope, Violets, Oud, Leather Creamy Vanilla & Sandalwood
OPIUM DEN - Sultry amber, silky sandalwood, velvety florals & tender musks
RAVEN FALLS-(Unisex)-Middle Eastern woods, Sambac Jasmine, Cardamom
ROSENTHORN MANOR -rich & sensual mixed ambers and musks
SANGUINE- Woodsy, fruity & savory. A salty, sweet sensual scent.
SMOKE & MIRRORS- Unique. Plum, Pear, Violet, Rose, Orange Blossom, Spices & Woods. Deep, feminine & sophisticated.
SOUTHERN GOTHIC- Light Camphor, Italian Bergamot, Cassia, Heliotrope, Soft Amber, Warm Oak, Sandalwood, Patchouli & Creamy Vanilla
SPICED WOOD COFFEE - compares to Commes des Garcons (Wood Coffee) - deep unisex scent, spices, woods, bourbon, coffee, almond, vanilla, patchouli
SPICED VANILLA & CITRUS- citrus, fruits, incense, florals, vanilla, vetiver, & musk
SWEET SALEM- charred woods, amber, musk, brown sugar, coconut & vanilla
THE SWEET DARK- MARMEE NOIR - cloying, mysterious...citrus, ambers, musks, woods & spice
TURKISH ROSE & AMBER -bergamot, turkish rose, amber & peppercorns
TOBACCO & HONEY - (compare to Chergui) - tobacco, honey, sandalwood, amber
THE MANOR HOUSE- Cardamom, Pink Pepper and sprinkled, Citrus, Sandalwood
TURKISH CRIMSON - deep & rich, warm amber, white flowers, sandalwoods
UNSPOKEN-sweet & musky, sensuous & warm.
VAMP VOGUE- Blood Orange, Geranium, Bourbon, Oak Moss, Patchouli; Black Amber, Sandal Tree, Cashmere, and Musk.
VELVET OBSCURA - a sweeter, milder version of sandalwood, middle eastern twist
WITCHERY OF SORTS-cinnamon,bergamot, cannabis flower,florals; musk, black tea & patchouli
WHISKEY & SPICE - strong & sweet aged bourbon with mulled spice accents

CAMEO-sexy, warm & clean with a soft musk & sandalwood in the base
DARK WOODS-rich, deep woodland, sensual & sweet
DUSK-Singed sugar, mango, sandalwood, patchouli, vanilla, licorice
GOSSAMER- Uniquely clean, floral musk. Base with light coffee & incense
HALLOWED GROUND- fresh & moist,earthy dirt
LEMONY SNICKET - Bright, fresh Meyer Lemon with dark patchouli.
PATCHOULI - pure essential oil, hippie chic all the way
PATCHOULI MUSK-amber patchouli, musk, warm florals, & orange
PINE NEEDLE- sharp, woodsy, fresh
TWILIGHT-citrus, fruits, pink pepper, pink floral, amber, sandalwood, incense & musk
TANGLED WEB- woody, warm floral. Heliotrope, fruits, fig, amber & Oriental woods.
WHITE JASMINE- true White Jasmine. Exotic and tantalizing

ANTEBELLUM- warm coconut milk, soft mahogany wood, subtle sweet notes
ABSINTHE-a very good version of the green fairy! typical wormwood, citrus & anise
AFFLICTION-sweet vanilla, white floral, night queen, bulgarian rose, sandalwood
BROCADE- Sweet & juicy. passion fruit, fresh sweet jasmine and musk
BLACK CHERRY - delicious, sweet & rich cherry scent
COCONUT COVEN - fresh & creamy coconut with smashed strawberries
CACTUS WINE-melons, apples, pears, and subtle hints of light florals
CURIOUS CAFE - deep. pastries, sweet almond, cocoa & coffee. gourmand delight
COCONUT LIME VERBENA - zesty, sweet & tropical
DARLING CLEMENTINE - Fresh citrus, tart & delish!
EAST OF EDEN- Apple, Verbena, anise, bergamot, floral, Agarwood, sandalwood, Tonka, heliotrope, vanilla, mixed musk
EXOTIC BERRY - blackberry, goji berry, loganberry & gooseberry, orange, vanilla, sugar musk
FUNERAL CAKE - Sticky, buttery and sinfully sweet
HAREM-tropical, sweet but perfum-y scent
HAZELNUT LATTE - warm, rich nutty goodness
HYPNOTIC VANILLE- vanilla & benzoin, warm peppered woods
HONEY NECTAR- sweet, pure honey with refreshing green notes
LACE & FINENESS- French vanilla, African vanilla, dry down of sweet flower & musk
LA FEMME - Silky, sugary & soft vanilla concoction
MISS MADAME- sweet & woodsy with cherry, rose, grenadine, musk and cedar
NEW ORLEANS BOUDIOR - silky, sugary soft vanilla concoction
OF BONES & BLUSH - mixed fruits, olive leaves, coconut water, vanilla musk base
POISONED APPLE- fresh apple, sweet candy
PRIMA DONNA - like forbidden fruits, rich sweet & deep
ROSE HIP MIMOSA-rose hip, juicy strawberry, raspberry, moscato wine
SECRET NIGHT-Sweet plum, apple, exotic flowers with dark, velvety woods & musk
SCARLET LADY- cherry, violet, coumarin, berry, brown sugar, cotton candy, musk, French crème & tonka
SUGARED LOTUS - Fresh, sweet & exotic. Grapefruit, bamboo, mango & sandalwood
SMOLDER- Sweet vanilla & raspberry, amber, myrrh & oud with leather, incense & sandalwood. A sweet, sugary blend with Middle Eastern touches.
THE GEISHA- mandarin, bergamot, jasmine, raspberry, ylang, florals; white moss, creamy amber & vetiver
TROPICAL VANILLA-sweetly spiced vanilla
VANILLA MUSK - rich & sweet with sensual musk base
WATERMELON ELIXIR- rich, sweet perfumy watermelon scent

BORGIA- sophisticated floral, similar to ARIA by CULTI
BEWITCHED- Mandarin, florals, incense, fruity tobacco, hookah accord, amber, sandalwood, patchouli, smoky notes
BLEAKEST WINTER MORN - crisp & cool. Fall & winter in a bottle.
BLOOD ORANGE - pure essential oil, tart and deep citrus scent
DEEP VIOLET - sweet & rich violet - nothing but.
ETHEREAL - Intense green notes, hints of floral, fresh & mild herb notes
FIG DU JOUR-sweet and suble fig, green fig with sweet fig notes
GINGER LILY- Fresh & diffusive,Hints of cinnamon. Warm, woody, spicy, light floral.
LEMONGRASS- pure lemongrass, fresh & zingy
MEMOIRS- compare to JUNGLE GARDENIA by Tuvache circa 1933
POISONED CROCUS-citrus top, iris, white rose, fig, powdery woods, musk & vetiver
POISONED IVY- perfect fresh green floral
PUSHIN DAISIES- sweet, modern floral with sharpness. Currants, berry & florals
PATCHOULI FLOWER-Patchouli Flower with amber base and middle florals
OUD WOOD & ROSE - Upscale & divine scent. I think that Marilyn Monroe would have rocked this for sure! The unmistakable aroma of pure, old fashioned, sweet rose water deepened by blistered oud wood. This is predominate in rose but has a woodsy factor and a freshly spiced essence.
SOUTH PACIFIC-Sea salt, sea moss, green vetiver. A fresh ocean fragrance.
SHARDS OF GLASS-red apple, peony, jasmine, carnation, rose, suede
UNICORN-soft, light, ethereal geranium, rose, oleander, heliotrope, white vanilla
VANITY FAIR- fruity, green, citrus - raspberry, brimbelle, peony & sensual musk

ARABIAN NIGHTS(compare to Arabie)-sensual, woody, sweetened with fig, date & spice. hypnotic!
ANGEL OR DEVIL(compare to Ange ou Demon)-sweet fresh top, orchid, ylang, tonka, oakmoss & rosewood base
BAROQUE VANILLE(compare to Vanilliary)-decadent, gourmet, mild sandalwood & caramelish Tonka
BEYOND THE STARS- (compare to Supernova) - floral, orange blossom, spice, spearmint, patchouli & musk
BLACKEST ROSE (compare to Imogen Rose) - rich, velvety rose, citrus, jasmine, iris, patchouli, amber, musk & sandalwood. A grown up, modern rose scent.
BLUE FLOID compares to FLOID BLUE- old fashioned Italian barbershop scent, fresh, clean, cooling & refreshing scent
CLEOPATRA - compares to Narcisso Rodriguez -warm, woodsy Egyptian musk, patchouli, cinnamon, orange blossom, hints of anise
DOUBLE BARREL SINGLE MALT - compares to PURE MALT - traditional Scottish whiskey, smoky, woody, spicy
DARK SAHARA - compares to Sahara Noir by Tom Ford
LONDON TOWN - compares to London by Tom Ford
compares to MON NOM EST ROUGE- Lemon, Elemi, Aldehydes, pepper
Spices, Rose, Incense, Cedar, Amber, Tobacco, Tonka bean, Musk, Vanilla
compares to OUD WOOD by Tom Ford
PRETTY POISONS- compare to Hypnotic Poison by Dior - apricot, plum and coconut; middle notes are tuberose, jasmine, lily-of-the-valley, rose, brazilian rosewood and caraway; base notes are sandalwood, almond, vanilla and musk
compares to TUSCAN LEATHER by Tom Ford
compares to TOBACCO & OUD by Tom Ford

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