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2/2 - All tts 33, 44, 55, 66 - $12.55 each. Until this announcement goes away.
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Free contiguous USA shipping on orders of $108 and more using "VK79G2". Good through May or until this announcement has been deleted.

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Thick and Thin Handspun Merino wool Yarn

Hello and Welcome back to 1AZC!

Every skein of yarn in this store is a labor of love, HAND dyed and/or HANDspun while the rest of the family is asleep or when they don't need my attention. I'm delighted to offer you the selection you see available. Come browse around and i hope you find some skeins you must have! ♥♥♥

Current Special:
♥ tts44 | Regular $15.75 | Now $13.50
♥ tts55 | Regular $16.80 | Now $14.50
♥ tts66 | Regular $18.50 | Now $15.50

44 yards/ 1.8 oz = 98 yards/ 4 oz
55 yards/ 1.8 oz = 122 yards/ 4 oz
66 yards/ 1.8 oz = 148 yards/ 4 oz

Please consider pricing your handmade to reflect the real value of your time and for the cost of handmade material used. I do run random specials from time to time - do feel free to apply any coupon codes when they are printed here in the announcement. Your business is always appreciated. That said, much human labor, time away from fam, motivation and resources go into making and STOCKING these HANDspun and/or HAND dyed yarn ready-to-ship for you, so, no haggling on pricing & shipping, please. Thank you. Our customer service does not include coupon codes on demand.

Convos are answered, once or twice a day, M-F. I tend to unplug over weekends and holidays to spend time with family and to catch up on domestic chores. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Store policies:

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.