23Tribes' Shop Announcement


I am a maker and a merchant.
I engage in creating hand crafted - one of a kind- leather goods. I aim for practicality and authenticity. i am enlivened by the infusion of the ancient future. i am inspired by creating a practice of integrity and ingenuity.
My intention is to demonstrate and reclaim masterful skill-sets and create heirloom quality products, in an attempt to keep things out of the disposal cycle. I choose my raw materials with this in mind and in heart.
we are walking the way of our ancestors into the future. this is the moccasin mentality

My shop here on Etsy is essentially a gallery of works that I have created for custom orders. Except for the "Ready to Wear" section of my shop the postings are moccasins already sold and are to be used as ideas and inspiration for designing your own pair.

The postings are priced based off of style, design and details.
Each style has a simple design, for example a pair that is just one leather/color and no lining and no additional leathers is a lower priced item, where-as a pair that has 3 different leathers and lining and insoles and soles is going to be a different price range. And, there is the range in between.

Please message me with any questions regarding this. It is extremely important to me that you are going to love the pair of moccasins that I make for you =) Together we can design the perfect pair just for YOU.

In addition, moccasins do not fit like industrial made footwear - your size in those shoes will be slightly different than a pair of moccasins that will be hugging your foot quite snugly. I request that you use the zappos sizing chart to assess the proper size of your foot - in cm.

Thank you