2BCreative's Shop Announcement

i'm back but I wasn't exactly on vacation, although a vacation would have been much more fun than the reason I was actually away from my store. On April 10, I had an accident that resulted in a broken left elbow and a pelvis. The doctor set the elbow with the help of a plate and 8 pins. He did an excellent job and the elbow has never caused any pain. The pelvis is another story entirely. They don't do anything for that. It simply has to heal and I would need need therapy, not an easy process. So they shipped me from the hospital to a rehab facility to help with that. and so my therapy began. I loved the therapists and they helped a lot but when I came home ( too soon, I believe in hindsight.) The home therapists were also very good but I made a series of mistakes that continually set me back. It was always one small step forward and one 1/2 step back, sometimes more. But I think I've finally turned the corner and am eager to get back to work, although stairs are still a challenge so I will make slow progress. Please bear with me while I try.

I've always been a collector of all things vintage and/or unique and wonderful, but a lady can only store so much so I have decided to share some of my favorite things, such as brass, old keys, oddities, elegant lace, unique buttons, and other things that I have collected for years and years so I hope you will keep visiting my store to see my new listings

Thank you to all the Etsy patrons and shop owners who have added my shop items to your favorites. I appreciate being included in those great collections. It's a big honor for me. I'll try my best to continue listing unique and reasonably priced items for your creative endeavors. If you are looking for something special, feel free to convo me. I may have it somewhere in my stash and just not gotten around to listing it. I'm always happy to do special listings for you.

A few years ago I opened this store and I've been serving up a large variety of curiosities. Many things are one-of-a-kind for me so don't miss them. I may not have them ever again. You just never know what you'll find so please return often.

I also have one other store of my own and two exciting stores with a friend, which I've seriously neglected but I'm settling down and will be listing great things in every store. My second store,, features all kinds of paper goods, photos, music, vintage patterns, postcards, etc.
In, we have just loaded a lot of retro and vintage jewelry and other treasures you will love. It's a great place to shop for unique and inexpensive gifts and jewelry supplies.
Our second store is and it will feature upscale vintage and handmade jewelry, unique things that you won't find anywhere else.

Please visit our stores at: