2BWornAgain's Shop Announcement

I have been in the hospital and in rehab as the result of an accident that resulted in a broken elbow and broken pelvis. The broken elbow healed quickly but the pelvis has been and entirely different story. From the hospital I was sent to a rehab facility for awhile. I am finally home and will try to take care of some issues that arose in my absence. Because Jackie was away and not listing I should have found someone to put our shop on vacation like I did on 2BCreative, my other store, I apologize for the frustration it must have caused for some of you. I've always prided myself of fast shipping some orders were missed. I apologize for the frustration this may have caused.. I am finally able to go downstairs with help and will try to get back to photographing and listing very soon.

We will be listing a lot of vintage jewelry and putting some things on sale .We're still the same two crazy ladies that love estate sales, tag sales, garage sales and basically sales of any kind. We've decided to start an Etsy store which is our way of destashing so we can buy more. You lucky shoppers can contribute to the cause by buying our merchandise. We buy as cheaply as possible so we can share the bargains with you. Shop and compare. You'll love our prices on most items

We have also collected some very vintage, collectible or just plain beautiful jewelry and we love to create one-of-a-kind pieces so you will find some very special items in our Private Stock, Random Gatherings, Very Vintage and Woo Woo Jewelry sections,

Best Buys - Inexpensive jewelry and supplies that isn’t vintage or collectible
Our Creations - New handmade jewelry
Pearls, pearls and faux pearls - All kinds of pearl jewelry
Private Stock -J ewelry from our own collections either vintage or just very special
Retro Picks - Not quite vintage but not quite new, just lots of fun
Random Gatherings - Handmade jewelry using found and vintage components, including steampunk
Very Vintage - Absolutely wonderful vintage pieces
Destash - Things we think you'll love while we're making room for more - Extra treasures, findings, beads, buttons and more.
Woo Woo Jewelry - Rhinestones and other glitzy stuff

Visit our other stores at: - anything and everything
www.UNeedThis2.Etsy. com - anything and everything