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I hope my pieces catch your eye, touch your heart, and inspire you. "2girlsintrouble"

Personally, I feel that a woman is beautiful if she has self confidence. She knows who she is and owns it. That's where jewelry comes in. To wear a pretty piece of jewelry, and own it not only speaks of self confidence, but that you have great taste as well.

The wonderful thing about Jewelry is that it always fits. It lights up your face, your spirit and your outfit. You can't go wrong with a piece of Gemstone Jewelry. It ever goes out of style.

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Gemstones have been a source of fascination for centuries. Partially, this is because of the many remarkable effects produced by their interaction with light. The individual properties of gemstones contribute to the rarity, durability and beauty of the stone; making it both desirable and valuable.

In ancient times, gemstones were the sole property of kings and noblemen. Gemstones have been used to adorn weapons of war, scepters and crowns. There is extensive gemstone meaning and folklore - these beautiful little rocks and minerals have been used for everything from healing to good luck amulets.

Gemstones are undeniably beautiful, both in their raw uncut form and in all their polished glory. Perhaps this is because on some level they help us to feel more in touch with nature. In this day and age of plastic and neon it's comforting to be able to wear something that was created by mother nature, possibly millions of years ago.

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