2ndtree's Shop Announcement

Welcome to my shop! I can't sculpt, paint, draw, or throw a pot, but I do have an exceptional eye for the beauty around me. Here you will find some of the lovely vintage treasures I have acquired over some 30 years.

I am just an amateur vintage collector so precise terms like "excellent," "good," and "fair" are not used in my descriptions. I believe all my goodies are in great condition or I wouldn't list them. Although I describe each piece as honestly and thoroughly as I can, please don't hesitate to send me a convo if you have any questions.

The name of my shop comes from a favorite short story by E.B. White (the author of Charlotte's Web). An unhappy man, haunted by anxiety and doubt, discovers that what he wants most in life is intangible, beautiful, and ultimately unattainable:

. . . what he wanted was at once great and microscopic, and although it borrowed from the nature of large deeds and of youthful love and of old songs and early intimations, it was not any one of those things, and that it had not been isolated or pinned down. A small tree, rising between him and the light, stood there saturated with the evening, each gilt edged leaf perfectly drunk with excellence and delicacy. "I want the second tree from the corner, just as it stands," he said.