3finegrains' Shop Announcement

Kymberley creates designs that have been made using hand woven “Authenticated Original” German Grain Sacks. These sacks date back nearly a century or more. They were used by farmers, merchants and soldiers from all over Germany dating back to the early 1800’s. They are made from pure organic hemp linen; which is not only chemical and pesticide free, but stronger than any cotton ever made. The fibers were naturally homegrown, home retted (in local lakes and ponds) and woven all by hand. They show off the extreme craftsmanship of past generations creating durability to endure years of constant use. Some of these sacks have what are called “darns” meaning hand patched holes. The patching that was done back then is of amazing quality; nothing you would ever find today. They’re individually marked using a tar based stenciling with last and first names of the owner, his title, the town they lived or worked in and usually the year that they were used. Farmers and merchants used these sacks to carry grains to the local mill. The useable oats and flour were placed back into the sacks and returned to their owners. Back in the day these sacks would be found on the back porch of a farmhouse, restaurant, hotel, or in a soldier’s wagon. Over 100 years later these have become so rare they are now found hidden underneath the floorboards of an old farmhouse or in the dowry chests of fine ladies from long ago. If these well preserved pieces could speak; they could tell amazing stories of times past, people’s lives in far away lands and so much more. This is where new stories begin for these sacks….by designing treasures and turning them into heirlooms allowing them to create new stories; ones that will feature those fortunate enough to own these beautiful designs…..by 3 Fine Grains.