High End Jewelry and AAA Rough and Finished Gemstones

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High End Jewelry and AAA Rough and Finished Gemstones

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Tired of the ordinary? Are you are looking for the extraordinary? Look no further...

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A Lifetime Worth of Experience Colminating into a Collection of the Rare and Beautiful

I began cutting on my father's Diamond Pacific Genie when I was around 8 years old and shaping selenite with sandpaper before that. I come from a long line of prospectors, rock hounds, and self taught jewelers dating all the way back to my great aunt. The first big find I can recall was a spear point in Utah. We were out looking for arrow heads and I was following my grandmother, she literally stepped on a 4" point and kept walking. I remember picking it up and hollering..."Is this what we are looking for!?!?" Of course, everyone lost their minds and it has pretty much been that way ever since. I think I was around 4 or 5 years old since my spear point was my show-and-tell for kindergarten. The play ground at recess was a treasure trove full of petrified wood chips, agates, jaspers and the occasional quartz crystal. I am sure mom is glad those days are over, the washing machine was always full of my finds...now mine is.

So I am 34 now, that's 26 years of cutting and at least 29 years of rock hounding. I started working with wire wrapping in High School and picked up a torch in 2010 to make an opal pendant for a close friend to give to his wife for her birthday. All in all, I am self taught, though I have had a mentor here and there, for the most part it has just been me sitting down and going...well, the worst that can happen is that I destroy the thing...and I have killed a few $1000 a carat opals...live and learn.

I love lapidary and bench work, but nothing beats the thrill of digging the gems myself.

Welcome to my world...

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Shop policies

Last updated on January 30, 2016
Welcome to 4th Dimension Gems and Jewelry, your one stop shop for rare gemstones, rough, and custom cutting and silver smithing. What you see here is the end product of over two decades of prospecting, collecting, lapidary, and metal smithing. As a collector, I love rare and unique stones, especially those exhibiting some sort of optical phenomena and this translates through to what I cut and set for you today.

I tend to let the stone decide it's final form, you will find very few calibrated stones here, but what you will find, are stones that have been cut to showcase their uniqueness.

I use a 12 - 13 step process in polishing these stones and each of them are finished with a 50 nanometer polish...the same polish I use is used in electron microscopy and to finish mirrors and lenses for deep space telescopes...in short...they are shiny!

Accepted payment methods

  • Accepts Etsy Gift Cards and Etsy Credits
Returns and exchanges
In general, there are no refunds, however, if you feel that for some reason, the stone or jewelry provided to you is not up to expectations, feel free to contact me and I will do my best to ensure that you are happy.

Buyers remorse, finding it cheaper elsewhere, not wanting it anymore, or extenuating circumstances in your life that I have no control over are not qualifying reasons...sorry.

Undisclosed or Unobserved Defects Diminishing the Value of the Purchased Stone below that of the purchased value:

If there is a defect identified within 7 days of receipt and not of your doing, I offer the following options:

1. I will fix the defect,pending its unaltered return, if it cannot be fixed then...
2. I will replace the defective item with one of equal value, pending its unaltered return
3. I will refund your money IF conditions 1 and/or 2 cannot be met,pending its unaltered return

Defect (not of your doing) in a Piece of Jewelry resulting from workmanship and resulting in its breaking or eventual breaking:

1. I will fix the defect,pending its unaltered return, if it cannot be fixed then...
2. I will replace the defective item with one of equal value, pending its unaltered return
3. I will refund your money IF conditions 1 and/or 2 cannot be met,pending its unaltered return


If you believe that the stone or piece of jewelry was inaccurately represented by the picture and the description and I agree with your judgement:

1. I will replace it with one that meets your expectations, pending its unaltered return
2. I will refund your money IF condition 1 cannot be met, pending its unaltered return
PayPal, Direct Check Out, Credit Card
Free Shipping:

I do not offer free shipping unless it is specifically offered for that particular item...if it isn't offered...do not ask.

All of my items ship insured, this is as much for your protection as it is mine. I share the burden of this with you.

Other Express Carriers not Offered via Etsy:

I do my best to offer as many shipping options to as many locations as possible. If there is a method your prefer, such as DHL, that is not available from the standard shipping options, please coordinate this with me ahead of time to make sure the speedy processing of your order. Some shipping options are not available where I live...I wish this was not the case, but, it is my lot in life.

International Orders:

International Buyers: YOU are responsible for the customs levied upon YOU by YOUR country. I will not pay them for you. I am obligated by LAW, to declare the value of the package and I will not subvert the system, to do so would be ILLEGAL. Please DO NOT ask me to do so otherwise and dishonor yourself.
Additional policies and FAQs

Don't ask for sunlight photos...period.

Read the following and understand why this is a pointless task....

I use a Canon SX50HS and a custom light bar that I built myself because I couldn't find one that made me happy... Why build a custom light bar? Color and the accurate representation of it. Many people request a sunlight picture thinking that they will see the stone in it's truest color...not true. This all depends on the camera, it's CMOS, what time of day the picture was taken, what time of year the picture was taken, and whether or not there were clouds in the sky.

Meet the Sun:

The effective color temperature of the sun per NASA (http://nssdc.gsfc.nasa.gov/planetary/factsheet/sunfact.html), is defined by the total radiative power per square unit, it is about 5,780 K. You may recognize this unit of measure due to the increased availability of LED lighting on the market. Look on the box, it is measured in Kelvin. Note that it is not in lumens, lux, or nm, but Kelvin. This scale is the Black Body Radiation Scale.

The color temperature of sunlight above the atmosphere (i.e., in space) is about 5,900 K. As the Sun crosses the sky, it may appear to be red,orange,yellow,white, etc. The light it casts at different times of day is different and actually affects the precieved or photographed color of a stone just as an indoor light setup. So based on the time of day the light can be:

Sunrise ~ 2000K - Red
One Hour After Sunrise ~ 3500K - Orange
Early Morning to Noon ~ 4300K - Yellow to Yellow-White
High Noon ~ 5,000K - 6,500K (optimal 5,780 K) - White - Blue-White (5400K - 6500K depending on its position and Rayleigh scattering)
Afternoon - Early Evening ~ 4300K - Yellow to Yellow-White
One Hour Before Sundown ~ 3500K - Orange
Sundown ~ 2000K - Red

This is assuming it is not overcast, raining, snowing, foggy...because the weather doesn't care about humans wanting to take pictures.

Meet Your Screen:

Your screen is in RGB Values, not Black Body Scale nor does it replicate all of the colors of the rainbow...problematic...

Meet Printers:

Printers don't print in Black Body Radiation Scale or RGB Scale, they use CMY Scale...even more...problematic...

How to counteract this?

1. Have a pure white target object to adjust your white balance to.
2.Wait for the perfect time of day and weather to take the picture.
3.Build a custom light bar that covers the whole range and is adjustable. (My Solution)
4. #3 + A lot of work + many pictures + minor adjustments to white balance

Meet My Light Bar:

My light bar is a custom setup which I built myself because there was nothing suitable on the market. It is fully adjustable from 2000K to 6500K and can push as much as 10,000 lumens on high.

In most cases you see barely any difference between actual sunlight photos and my photo bar. That is by design, properly adjusting my white balance, and spending hours taking tens to hundreds of photos to ensure that I get as accurate of a picture as possible.

I can't get it to 5780K exactly (yet...but, I am building a system that will), but I can get it to 5750K on the dot which is pretty close to the optimal sunlight measure. I do this, so that you, my customer, are getting what you see on your screen.

Custom Settings and Custom Cutting:

Custom Settings:
I have included in my shop an option for custom silver setting of stones purchased from my shop. This only applies to stones purchased in my shop. If you have a stone that you would like set, but did not come from me, please contact me, send me a picture and measurement for the stone and we will discuss the possibility and price of me setting your stone.

Custom Cutting:
From time to time I do cut stones for people. These stones usually are rare or of some emotional significance to the owner or from my inventory. My prices vary upon the type of stone and complexity of what you want. I do my best to be competitive with others custom cutting prices, however, I can't beat everbody.

Custom Work Considerations:
My ability to offer these services and the turnaround time associated with them depends on current workload. If I say that I cannot help you at the moment, it doesn't mean that I don't want to or that your stone doesn't warrant my attention, it just means that after my day job, there are only so many hours in a day that I can get stuff done...I wish I had a 25 hour day like there is on Mars, but alas, despite the saying that Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus, I can't handle the atmosphere there and my body has a hard enough time when I run it for 24 hours without sleep, pushing into 25 hours might just be the end of me.

Wholesale Opportunities:
What you see here is but a fraction of the stones that I have cut or rough and I can source many stones from my own stock or from my sources.

If you are interested in a bulk purchase, I do deal with wholesalers, however, know that in most cases I am already offering my items below market value, so when we discuss this, keep that factor in mind...I cannot afford to sell you something for less than it costs me to attain and process it.