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Trying to plan the perfect wedding and feeling like it just might not happen? Like you're being pulled in a million different directions, trying to make everyone else happy? We can totally relate. We know the last thing you want is a wedding that doesn't even feel like you, where both you and your guests have a terrible time!

Many brides feel this pressure and spend tons of money trying to impress their guests. But have you thought about using your wedding as an opportunity to just be yourself and have fun? 76th Street Ink is here to help you do that. We will be your smile in the storm while you plan your wedding.

Our designers will create a happy cartoon couple according to your specifications that will charm the pants off your guests and give you a good giggle along the way. These totally unique designs help set the tone for what your wedding day is really supposed to be about—a fun and meaningful celebration.

We want your special day to be authentic. To feel like you.
Because the best weddings happen when you have a good time just being yourself.

"One of my best decisions...I was not one of those brides that enjoyed planning my wedding. But I knew I wanted different invitations and I absolutely loved Beka's designs! Creative, fun and they represented us. Everyone loved them. And she had them done in such a short time. One of my easiest choices during the whole process! Couldn't be happier. Thanks Beka!" -Rhonda

"I just wanted to let you know we have received great responses from our Save the Dates. I believe the overwhelming response is “cutest save the dates ever” and “freaking adorable”! We are thrilled!!!” -Rea

"hi Beka, People have started receiving our wedding invites and they are OBSESSED with our return labels lol. They’re everyone’s favorite part!!!!…anyways just wanted to let you know how happy I, and everyone else, is with them!!" -Jem

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76 on MARTHA!
76th Street Ink was honored to be a part of the Martha Stewart Show featuring Etsy Sellers! You can see me holding the card that I designed for Martha here:

And read my blog post about the whole experience here:

76th Street Ink was also featured on the Style Me Pretty wedding blog for my famous welcome bag stickers. "Hien and Johnny prepared special welcome bags for their guests (and their photographers!), and we love the little “Hien and Johnny” stickers they came decorated with, and all the goodies that were packaged inside."

You can find my wedding welcome bag stickers on page 3 of the gallery for Hien and Johnny’s wedding in Austin here:

76 on THE KNOT!
76th Street Ink was selected as one of the best vendors for invitations in Manhattan for 2015. How exciting! See the link below!

You can also see my vendor reviews on the Knot here:

76 on RED TRI!
Back in December 2014, Red Tricycle released their list of most creative and unique holiday cards. We are so happy to let you know that 76th Street Ink came in at #8 for our “Merry Hanukkah” card sets! If you really want to get ahead on this year’s holiday season, you can snag your own here.

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Thanks so much for stopping by 76th Street Ink!

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