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Note from shop owner It's time for us to take a little break and enjoy downtime with our family and each other. We sincerely appreciate every single one of our customers for your support this past year, you are AMAZING! We hope you all have a wonderful and safe holiday season! We will be back and ready for the New Year by January 30th, 2021!
Expect some awesome new Scents and special products in 2021

Note from shop owner

Last updated on Dec 15, 2020

It's time for us to take a little break and enjoy downtime with our family and each other. We sincerely appreciate every single one of our customers for your support this past year, you are AMAZING! We hope you all have a wonderful and safe holiday season! We will be back and ready for the New Year by January 30th, 2021!
Expect some awesome new Scents and special products in 2021


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Hand crafted items made with intent and care, from our Northwest Indiana home to yours.

An Idea Is Born
9 Little Gypsies was born out of our want to promote creativity, freedom of expression, and general peace and kindness to our neighbors. This all goes back to our initial drive to be able to not just provide an additional income for our family, but to grow and give back to others.
We have created a "Donation Line" amongst our other products that all have specific purpose. Each of the candles within this line up give back to different non-profit organizations, some within our region and others that are more vast in their efforts. We strive to do our best to assist those in current need within our community so you will find a couple of these candles giving back to the various non-profits locally and nationwide, The Save the Dunes Foundation, St. Jude House in Crown Point IN, as well as our HERO candle that gives back to the Gary Sinise Foundation in support of our service men and women.
So please don't hesitate to research them on your own, all of them are beneficial.

We spent countless hours, days...weeks, searching for the perfect wax, oils and wicks that would give our customers the best of what we could offer. We use one of the best Soy waxes on the market, only cotton &paper wicks that are sized right for this wax and our containers to give the best scent throw whether it be cold or hot. Our oils are hand picked over seasons to not just give a boost to our "Signature" scents but so we can pass on what may bring back memories and something that just "feels good" to the soul when you smell it! We source our Premium and Essential oil blends from just a few specific places in order to keep consistency and quality throughout our product line. We definitely take pride in what we have created and truly hope that you, as a new or returning customer, enjoy these hand made items that were made with not just the science behind it, but with heart and thoughtfulness for each product we make.

All of our products are produced using cruelty free materials/products. We do not use dye in our line due to aesthetic and allergy reasons. We believe less is more and try to keep labeling to the bare minimum in most cases, we enjoy clean lines and feel we have created a neutral product appearance that will fit into most décor schemes and home/office spaces. Our vessels are reusable, please repurpose them when you are done burning your candles, they make lovely trinket containers and small vases!

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    We are Liz and Angie and we cannot express how exited we are to share our handmade products with all of you! Our adult son, Dakota, is also an important part of this venture. We live in NW Indiana with our "handful" of mini Doxies !

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Frequently asked questions
Care instructions

Soy is a bit temperamental and it's care is just as special as the ingredients used.
*Always keep wicks trimmed to approx 1/4 inch, *Don't burn for longer than 4-5 hours
*Always let the wax "pool" reach the edges of the containers before extinguishing. By putting it out before this you can cause "memory rings" and will lose precious burn time as the wax will not melt completely to the edge.
*Try to use a snuffer or "dip the wick" into the wax to extinguish the candle rather than blowing it out. Using a chopstick or something similar just slowly push the lit wick into the wax then lift it back up. Blowing out candles is not only a fire/ safety hazard it can alter the wicking and cause damage by melted wax being blown from the container.

Custom and personalized orders

We LOVE custom and special orders! Let us know a scent or scents you may be interested in, or special containers/sizes and we will be happy to create a one of a kind blend or item for you! We do sell in case (24 pieces) quantities in the same scent of course, for a bit of a discount. Weddings, birthdays, and especially corporate gift giving during holidays are all great reasons to buy in bulk. We can also supply custom labeling for your event if needed...just ask us and we will work together!

Sizing details

Our 6 oz tins burn for approximately 30 hours.
6 oz jars have approximately 35-40 hours of burn time and the 9oz Jar will provide approximately 50 hours of glorious burn time.
Wax Melts give 6-8 hours of scent, per cube. The average"store bought" or direct sales products typically give 3-4 hours per cube.
Remember that keeping your candles out of drafts will provide you with longer, consistent burn times.

What's the difference between Soy and Paraffin wax?

It's really about the environment, in your home and around our land and air. Paraffin is a petroleum products...yes, gasoline if that's what you were thinking. It burns hotter, for less time and it soots, the black smoke/marks it leaves...that's a mark of paraffin.
Soy on the other hand is plant based, renewable, Non-Toxic and is sourced right here in the USA from our own farmers. Soy burns cooler, longer and without the sooting issues. Keeping your wicks trimmed does help alleviate that in general but proper care will give you a much longer and cleaner burning candle.

Why did you choose soy and the particular ingredients you use?

Honestly, we had to make some health conscious decisions and figure out what was best for us in terms of our love for all things that smell good. One of us has neurological health issues and we found that Paraffin wax candles and/or the oils used in those other brands were actually triggering migraines. Since making our own this has not been an issue. The difference in quality oils as well as the cotton wicks mean that we are producing, in our own opinion based on what information we found to be true, is a safer option to use in our home. Obviously not everyone will have the same outcome or point of view, that's okay. Again this is our own opinion and we encourage everyone to do their own personal research.

How strong are Soy wax products and what size should I buy for my space?

Room Size Recommendations

Soy candles will not be as strong as the paraffin or parasoy candles you may be used to. While the candles will definitely still have strong fragrance, it will not overwhelm.

Tea lights - I recommend 3 or more burning at a time for stronger, room filling fragrance. 

Wax Melts- perfect for single warmers in small spaces or in multiples placed through the home if you don't want or can't have open flames.

4-6oz - good for small to medium rooms like offices and bedrooms. I have used a 4 oz in my kitchen and dining room and they are fragrant. 

9 oz - good for medium to large rooms. Living rooms, open floor plans, and large bedrooms. 

16 & 26 oz - best for open floor plans and large rooms

Why do you use primarily Premium Fragrance oils and not all essential oils?

This is Simple. Essential oils are not made to be heated to the degree that candle making & burning temperatures require. They can either burn off in the making or burning process, or become toxic when exposed to the excessive heat. Did you also know that some pure essential oils aren't safe for pets, small children, and pregnant women?  We would prefer to avoid potential problems like that and use candle approved, premium quality fragrance oils that also include candle-grade (ultra low levels of) blended essential oils. We source oils from specific suppliers for quality & consistency and make our own blends from those oils in house.

What are scent "Notes" ?

The Top Note: This is the first impression. It is the fragrance the customers notice when they unscrew the lid of our candles.

The Middle Note: This is the heart and soul of the fragrance. It's most prominent after the top-note eases. The middle note is what you experience while the candle is burning.

The Base Note: This is the note with tenacity, the lingering scent in our candles. This is what you smell even after the candle is extinguished.

Custom and personalized orders "Extra Facts"

While we love and will gladly customize orders, packaging, scents etc there are a few key facts to keep in mind.
1) Special Orders will typically have a longer turn around time, usually 14 days is average from order date to shipping date.
2) We cannot offer refunds or returns on special orders due to their exclusivity.
3)We are able to make, blend or find most scent Profiles however we also will only produce scents that will have the same or higher quality that our signature scents carry. This may take extra time for sourcing and testing...just ask and we can do our best for your special requests!

Wholesale availability

Yes, we do wholesale! We supply wholesale options to physical store fronts and welcome your questions and special requests. Please visit our website and complete the Wholesale Inquiry section for further consideration.