ABEKHomeAndCulture's Shop Announcement

Hi! Welcome to my shop. ABEK HOME & CULTURE is about tradition, culture, a way of life, places, people.

"Abek" ( variant is "avek"), is an Ibaloy word for either cloth or mat ( made of local grass called "banig") that is placed on a floor to make a guest's bed at night comfortable. Ibaloys are an indigenous people in Benguet,Northern Philippines. In colder areas in Benguet, the "abek or avek" is usually a thick blanket or sewn fabric like a quilt. In the hotter areas, a mat made of local grass. I decided to use "abek" because it reminds me of my home and my family, of my roots, of comfort.

I also have started a BLOG where I post about my travels, about meeting the weavers, about appreciating various Philippine cultures, and just notes on what is coming up, news on ABEK's own journey.

For 2014, I will introduce PURE COTTON WEAVE. Watch out for this!=)

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