ABitWrong's Shop Announcement

When the world ends, you want to be prepared. Whether you think we're headed for a zombie plague, hard-scrabble expansion into space, or a dried-out wasteland, I've got you covered. Weapons, clothing, accessories, and home decor for your perfect post-apocalyptic hideout.

I specialize in upcycling and using found materials. Many of the components of my items were purchased in thrift stores, found on the side of the road, or recycled from other unwanted materials. This means my products have an authentic scraped together look like you might expect from something made after the end of the world. It also means that each object is unique.

Many products in the shop have been given backstories to help you connect with the feeling I was going for when I made them. These will sometimes include character suggestions or ideas for where to display or use the product. You are of course welcome to disregard those entirely and make it your own!

I also make source-accurate and source-inspired props and clothing from a variety of fandoms within the genres of science fiction, fantasy, and superheroes. These will appear in the shop from time to time.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.