Crafting Your Vision

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Some proof Buddy used to be outside.
Sherbert., aka Bert. Took over the prowling & yard duties when Buddy became an inside cat.
Such a pal, friend & fur baby.
Nap time

Creating through craft.

High above the foothills, just left of the mountain as the sun rises.

For many, many years I have been into business. I have had my own auto magazine which I printed "at home" (well before that was common). How odd that was, when computers weren't quite catching on as yet, to have a full blown duplex copier along side the printers?

I have an automotive degree, & changed that career to cooking & managing restaurants. I've always enjoyed computers, & what can be done on them. Printing is second nature to me. Right along that line is cutting, etching glass & photography.

Over the course of time, I've often been frustrated at the high price of some things to the retail market. Especially as it pertains to shops. I'll do one of a kind, as many of my private listings are.
So, when I decided to open my shop on Etsy, I wanted to have fair prices. Which is what I'm doing.

I like the products that I make, & use them myself. But it's not just about what I like, as I'll make what someone else likes, as long as it's legal.

I mostly do printing (photo quality to regular) & cutting. From there, it spreads out in to:

My newest addition; folding cartons (boxes). Boxes for tubes, boxes for soap, folding cartons for whatever you have. They also make great wedding & favor boxes, because you can have them plain or printed just the way you want them to be.
A simple, matte' box to full blown photo gloss, giving the lasting impression that you want.

Vinyl: designs, shapes & patterns (indoor & vehicle). All colors & types. Neon, reflective (auto or fabric), GITD (Glow In The Dark), regular stuff.

Labels, stickers, decals: paper (tree pulp), vinyl, polyester, fabric (all with or with out adhesive) From glorious B&W to full on photo quality.
These can be from a "wine" bottle label to something you use on your own products. I use actual label stocks & print & cut my own labels. Got a shape in mind? Don't need a zillion of them all the same? We can work that out together.

Hang tags, fabric, care instructions, price tags, the list is very long.

Hand layered (printed) Paper Coasters & pressed (sublimated) neoprene

Glass etching

Picture restoration

I keep copies of everything I make so you can re-order or change something on the fly

I don't print or cut anything till after your final approval

I make everything in house. I don't source them out, nor am I limited to a template system.

I like a good challenge of my skills & am very good at making your idea come to life. Stop in, look around or make a custom request.

I have my own equipment & do all of my own work in house, myself, I don't farm or source my work out. This means that you are going to get a quality hand checked product & a realistic price.
I enjoy volume orders & apply discounts to them, as well as to my returning customers, & teammates.

Which is something else I want to offer in my shop. Things that people want. Maybe it's just for you, & you alone. That doesn't bother me. What it says, is no concern of mine. You're hiring me, to make something for you.

What can I make for you today? I'm here to craft your vision.

I look at it this way. I'm a merchant, who happens to be skilled with crafts. Everyone should win. Nearly every item I have can be customized to your liking. The ones posted are just to showcase my talents, to give you some ideas.

I like custom orders, in fact I look forward to the challenge.

Perfecting the items that I do have, has limited the amount that I have listed, but what is listed is perfected. That's just how I am.

I use my cat as my picture, because it's all about him. Not to worry, he never was allowed in the production room. I know how sensitive some people are. Update: Buddy passed on in September of 2012, he no longer helps, but his spirit is still around.

Come in to my shop, look around, get some ideas, place a few orders, ask some questions. You'll find the staff friendly (it's me) & the service awesome. I'm quick to respond, & will work with you, on your projects. I keep copies of my work, so that you can re-order over & over. I discount returning customers, so business owners, keep that in mind. You just have to let me know when you'd like another batch. I can't offer a repurchase link, as yet, with Etsy, so will just make a private listing for you.

Also, there aren't any set up fees, nor do I charge for my proofs.
Buddy Love
I enjoy making things & the creative process involved. I've been doing so for some time, for my friends & family.
This creativity goes well into the computer & printer on many items. I enjoy custom work, & l look forward to it.

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