Natural soaps and candles made in Saint Louis, MO

My dedicated soap kitchen: Where magic happens!
Soap paste before diluting for body wash.
Body wash all packaged and ready to go!
Flowers I started by seed.
My gardening buddy, Finch.

My Story In A Soap Dish

I was born in Encino, California, but have spent most of my life in St. Louis, Missouri. I am one of eight children, so I guess you could say that I grew up learning how to share and get along with others.
I am married to my High School sweetheart and we have two grown children that I am so very proud of.
My love for making bath and body products developed in 2004. I started making glycerin soap, but soon yearned to make soap "the old fashion way". I gathered lots of books, watched lots of YouTube videos and started on my adventure in soap making. Soap making came easily to me and I learned quickly how to make a wonderful bar of soap! I love coming up with new recipes and I love the creative side of soap making. I often tell my friends that cutting into a log of soap is like opening up a present on Christmas morning. It's always a pleasant surprise!
Although the process is very tedious, I enjoy making liquid soap (body wash) also. There is something magical about turning a pot full of soap paste into liquid gold!
When I am not making soap in my soap kitchen, I am often in my garden. I start all my plants by seed, so my gardening season starts about February and continues until the first frost in October.
I have two Cairn Terriers (the puppy in The Wizard of Oz) and they are a handful! They are rambunctious, but very patient when I go downstairs to work. They know the sound of my laptop closing means that Mom is coming upstairs to play/feed/walk them.
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Elizabeth Lemp
owner, A Breath Of French Air
Elizabeth began her career as a soap maker in 2007. After making soap in her kitchen for a year, Elizabeth built a soap kitchen in her basement. Elizabeth specializes in cold process soap and has expanded to include other bath and body products.

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