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Building an accessory line one handbag at a time.

Our shop is overflowing with creativity! The shop is separated into 3 very unique brands - New Stork Prep (NSP) for our handmade, completely customizable diaper bags and new mommy accessories, IIIrd Eye Designs (Third I designs) for our exclusive vegan suede collection and ACAmour (ACA) for a combination of all prints and fabrics as well as our luggage line. Each item is unique and an individual creation. Because each accessory is made to order they are unique and may vary slightly from pictured. This means that your new love is truly one of a kind and there is not another one like it!

It all starts with an idea based on something I've seen in real life or my dreams. Or something that's missing from my life that I desperately need. Then I make a pattern based on what I see in my head or have sketched out, cut out at least 10-15 different prints and fabrics and sew them all up. I choose the one I like best and test it out to make sure it functions well on a day to day basis. After it's off to photography and then uploaded onto the site. Each item you see listed here has the same story - a beautiful creation that has gone through hours of love, work and attention to bring you the very best that can come out of my home studio.
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