Cake decorating supplies, molds, and gumpaste flowers.

Gumpaste is a sugar clay that can be used to make edible flowers and other decorations.
Gumpaste flowers can take a plain cake and transform it into something special.
Sugar doughs can also be used to make other decorations, including buttons, berries and bugs!
Food-safe silicone molds can be used for cake decorations or even polymer clays.
I also have vintage paper and wedding confetti to decorate the cake table!

Decorating the Cake

I own A Cake To Remember, a custom wedding cake business, in Richmond VA. I'm a baker, but I like the decorating part more than the baking part...My shop was born when I saw that I could sell my gumpaste flowers, along with other cake decorations, and spend more time making the things that I really enjoy making.

I was an art student, and I used to design costumes for the theater. I also did a lot of gardening before I developed too many allergies, so I do enjoy combining the design part of it with flowers.

In choosing what to sell in the shop, I tried to list things that would be useful for people who were wedding DIY'ers. I don't think that brides should try to make their own wedding cakes (who needs that kind of stress added to the rest of it right before your wedding?), but a lot of people try to do that to save money. By using premade flowers and other decorations they can take a homemade or a plain cake and fancy it up to make a prettier cake than they'd be able to afford otherwise. I've sold a lot of flowers to brides who were having friends or family do the baking, but who didn't know how to make the flowers. I like to think that my flowers have been on cakes all over the world, and that the molds and decorations that I have listed have gone all over the world to help decorators do their thing.

The silicone molds in my shop were originally intended for cake decorating only, but I've noticed that a lot of other crafters buy them to use for jewelry, candles, soap, etc.

I list vintage paper and other table decor as well as toppers...Anything that goes with the cake! I also have some vintage paper and other vintage craft materials listed because I like it and it gives me an excuse to mess around with it!

I also do videos for decorators on youtube at and sell tutorials on Etsy that are designed for decorators who want to make their own flowers. I think that anyone can learn to work with gumpaste and make beautiful flowers to put on cakes, it's just a matter of practice!

You can find me online at
Kara Buntin
owner, maker, designer, curator
I'm a baker, a gumpaste flower maker, and a total packrat who uses my Etsy shop as an excuse to buy lots of antique brooches and buttons to use for silicone molds!

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