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Artisan Soap, Useable Art, Fine Skin Care Products
Welcome to bytheSEAsoap where artisan soap, useable art and fine skin care products are made with care. A California Soap is handmade from the ground up! With the highest quality California Olive Oil and exotic butters. Simply Luxurious with Velvet lathers and bubbling gentle cleanliness for your body. Natural Cold Processed - Luxury Ingredients - Gentle Skin Care - Sustainable - Biodegradable - Custom Bath and Body Products ~ Useable Art

Handmade spa caliber skin care in soaps, scrubs and other bath and body products. We make scented and unscented, vegan and old fashioned ~ This soap is a gentle cleansing and emollient addition to how you care for your skin! Silk for your body silk for your skin!

Gifts of sustainable art for your everyday! Usable and recyclable art for your bath and body care and all in one product. For you or for gifting. A luxury soap is an appreciated gift to enjoy as it polishes and smooths the skin. No dusting!

Sensual aroma therapy in your bath starts the day out on a positive path. Store your extra soaps in the drawer where you keep your silk lingerie or in the linen closet to lend it's scent there. Treat your skin with loving oils, butters and kindness. Your skin will thank you year after year for choosing hand made luxury soap.

Extend the life of your pure luxury soap by setting it is a draining soap dish or on a slice of natural loofah so it thoroughly dries between uses. If left in a puddle of water it will melt. Because of the quantity of natural glycerin left in our hand made soaps they need to dry as we do not use detergents or hardening agents like many commercial body bars.

In the Spring and Summer find us at Farmers Markets and festivals here and there. In the fall and winter we will be right here on etsy time permitting between harvest festivals and winter bazaars! If there is something you want or can't find just drop me a note.

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Luxury and Whimsy Blog for some of the back story. http://luxuryandwhimseysoap.blogspot. com/

Thank you for your interest in natural handmade, useable, sustainable skin care and recyclable soap art. Thank you for stopping by!