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Photomacrography (macro photography) by Emile Osborn.

I was propelled into photomacrography by a fascination with the patterns of the smaller world. The image capturing process, while somewhat tedious, can also take on an almost exploratory nature, transporting one to a place where seas of scales cover a butterfly’s wing and canyon walls are carved into minerals. I would hope that the photographs produced help to highlight the beauty of the natural designs that surround us and encourage further interest in their underlying structures, functions, and development.

Image description: The images above show the main steps in the production process. These are: 1) setting up the subject and lighting sources, changing the light quality (via modifiers and flags), and visually composing the image frame; 2) capturing a stack of images;* 3) RAW adjustments to all images in the sequence; 4) combining the stack of images into one image; 5) final image edits; and 6) printing. Typically, it takes a week or two to take an image from setup through final processing, though it really just depends on what is being photographed. For example, finding and setting up the lighting for the purple image above took longer than usual as there is a limited range of viewing angles where the wing reflects iridescent colors. For the most part, the wing is transparent (i.e., it is a “glasswing” butterfly). Two stacks (each with 48 photographs) were combined to create the final image; one stack was exposed to capture the wing detail and the other to retain the highlight detail (using a lower light level). The construction sequence for all images can be found at:

* A common issue in macro work is a limited depth of field, where a single photograph only shows a plane or “slice” of a subject in focus. Focus stacking is a technique used to counter this. A photograph is taken for each in-focus "slice" from the front of the subject to the rear. This can be accomplished by attaching the camera to an automated focusing rail (shown under the camera in the photo above). The photographs are later combined into one image that shows the entire subject in focus.

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Where do you get the insects you photograph?

The insects photographed were NOT listed in either the IUCN Red List (under near-threatened/threatened categories) or CITES Appendices (which specify protected species) when acquired. All specimens were non-living when obtained and purchased from US-based vendors. Priority is given to those sellers who import directly from farms or breeders. Effectively implemented butterfly farms, for example, encourage the preservation of native habitats needed to raise the butterflies (as opposed to cattle grazing, logging, or other industries that require clear-cutting of the forest). Farming operations can also diversify the economic opportunities in local communities and increase environmental awareness.* More information is available at