AGypsyRed's Shop Announcement

Costumes ordered now go on my schedule for the week of June 1. I'm currently on about a 2 week processing time from when a costume is ordered until it's ready to ship out.

If you're looking for my dice and brocade bags, you can now find them here:


First of all, please be aware I usually require *at least* 3-4 weeks for new costume commissions. If you need it sooner than that, please convo me to see if I can work it into my schedule. If you have a definite "need by" date, then please let me know this date BEFORE you place an order. Any costume commission designs are mine to use to offer for sale in my shop if I choose. If you wish your design to be unique and owned only by you, there is a $100 fee for purchase of exclusivity of the pattern design. I can still make alterations to the design and sell it in my shop even if you purchase exclusivity.

I've received a number of requests for items I'm not able to create, so I thought maybe it would help if I outlined what I'm able to do before you request something so you know if I'll be able to help you.

I'm more than happy to help you come up with a cosplay costume that you'll love. Please look around my shop and notice the style of my work. I do mostly dresses, skirts and tunics and what few items have pants or pantaloons, they're unfitted and baggy. Detail work is screen printed or embroidered. If your character or design idea will work with my style, then please by all means contact me!

Now here's what I won't be able to help you with:

First and foremost, I ***DO NOT*** do Disney Princess, Marvel or Homestuck costumes. Please don't ask, I absolutely will not make them.

I am not able to provide footwear, wigs, stockings, weapons or anything related. I simply do not have the sources for those items.

Second, I do not do any metal, armor or leatherworking. If it's going to involve sculpting any kind of armor pieces, even from foam, I'm not able to help you. I don't have the experience or equipment at this time to do those things properly. HOWEVER, my husband has set up a 3D printing shop here on Etsy, that can be found at where he may be able to help you with smaller items that can be 3D printed to your specifications.

On this same note, I'm not able to recreate any jewelry pieces (necklaces, earrings, bracelets, tiaras, etc.).

Third, I don't do bodysuits, unitards, leotards or any kind of fitted pants. My strengths simply don't lie with these items. I've learned over the years it's impossible for me to get these kinds of things to fit right unless I have the person readily available for multiple fittings.

And finally, I am not able to do a lot of hand painting. I had carpal tunnel for years, and the resulting damage to my hands makes this impossible. Detail work on my costumes must be either something I can recreate with ribbon sewn on, screen printed or embroidered. Embroidery is limited to no more than 4" X 5.5" in size due to the limitations of my embroidery machine.

If you aren't sure if I can help you with your item, then please convo me and ask. We may be able to come up with something that you'll be happy with.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.