AKiwiSilkie's Shop Announcement

Hi! Osiyo! Nano Toka Iknuihtli!
G'Day! And Nicetameetcha!

Each DreamWeb is designed and handmade by me. I'm always looking for a fabric and buttons and tassels, and beads that go together to make a theme.
It comes with it's name and the Legend of the DreamCatcher

Each of my Tshirts are hand coloured before the design is put on the shirt. I love Egyptian, Native American, Keltic and other cultures.
It comes with washing instructions and the story behind the design.

Each piece of jewelry is designed by me and they're one of a kind. I MIGHT be able to come up with something similar, but as with snowflakes nothing's ever exactly the same.

I love to do custom items, because I like to see where my mind can take me as I work.

I'm a member of the Pagan Team, EarthPath Artisans, the Metaphysical Team, and can be found lurking at the Native American Campfire with the rest of the Red Road/Native Forum are.

Any member of these teams will get a 20% discount in my shop on anything but Destash. Just convo me when you purchase and I can do a PP refund.

Any member of BackYard Chickens will also get a 20% discount. Just convo me.

I will ship all over the world...
Please feel free to convo me if you are not from the States.
I will refund shipping if the difference is over $2.

A Kiwi Silkie is my "mundane" store.

Howling Caterpillars(www.howlingcaterpillars.etsy.com) has more of the "magickal" items.

Most of the sections are pretty self-explanatory. Dah Bahgie is the Clearance Section. It's named after a story that used to be in DownTown Quincy called the Bargain Centre. It needed to have complimentary flea-dips on the way out...LOL No need for that in MY Bahgie.

Archaeology Dig is my Destash...cuz my cellar is very much like an Archaeology Dig; it's somewhere in between Geraldo's Al Capone's Vault fiasco and Howard Carter's fantastic discovery of Tut-ankh-amun's Tomb.