ALCustomJewelry's Shop Announcement

End of year Holiday and Clear Out sale!!! Use Coupon ALLMUSTGO30 for 30% OFF ANY AND ALL ITEMS IN MY SHOP! LOWESTIT WILL EVER GO! ENJOY~ Any questions on how to use coupon codes do not hesitate to message me - click contact anywhere within my site and I will return your inquiry within 24 hours or less. Thanks!

Welcome to AnneLynne Custom Jewelry featuring Handmade jewelry designs made with Sterling Silver, Antique Brass, Copper, Semi-Precious Gemstones and Czech Glass Beads-especially "Boho' style,Picasso & Luster finished beads.

I try very hard not to repeat myself and rarely re-list a piece after it sells and only under special request by you, the customer. Customer Service and Unique, fun and well made Jewelry are my trade, I take great pride in these things and will do my best always to make sure you spend your hard earned money on exactly what you are looking for! Keep your eye out for Coupon Codes and Sales, I feature at least one a month. Any questions about how to use coupon codes, ask away!

More than willing to work with you to customize and design your very own one of a kind piece as well as adjust any piece within my shop to more of your liking! Looking for something in particular this summer? See something in my shop you need bigger, smaller, a different color, metal or bead style? Message me via "contact" and/or use the "Custom" Button on the page of the item and away we go!

I'm here to please YOU and am more than happy to make any changes or adjustments you need, its truly no trouble and the reason I made certain to use the word "Custom" in my shop title. Any other questions please do not hesitate to ask, no question is too long or short or silly - the only bad question is the unasked one, right?!? Looking forward to meeting and working with you!

I also want to say THANK YOU to all the wonderful customers and suppliers, ALL my new ETSY FRIENDS I've met for helping and encouraging me here!!! The Feedback and compliments I've gotten are SO touching and mean more to me than words can begin to say!!! Here is some of my feedback from some of my customers and friends here:

"This a most striking bracelet and I love the color combinations; the dusty purple beading accents the green pearls beautifully! Tracy takes pride in her work and always wants to make sure I am happy with my purchases. A good example of her quality work: my bracelets need to be made larger so instead of taking the easy way out and adding extenders, she will will use/order additional materials which makes my bracelets truly custom-made for me! Thank you, Tracy!" - Lori

"Gorgeous, unique, great workmanship, just fabulous. I am always happy with any purchase I make from Tracy. Every time I think she cannot do better, but she always does!!!!!" - J.Vanweddingen

"Just a gorgeous piece ... vibrant, electric blue. Love it! Great communication. Highly recommend this shop."

"Tracey quickly made adjustments to these earrings for me prior to shipping them. Again, she does beautiful work and cares for her customers."
"Beautiful bracelet ! Tracey is very easy to work with and follows up to ensure you are happy with your purchase!" - loreelei

If you're interested in what other customers have had to say, just click the Feedback link to read any and all of the feedback I've received over the past 2 and a Half-ish years, minus a few months this year due to illness. SO glad to be back! :D
All the inspiring words of these wonderful, amazing, caring people I've been SO lucky to get to know, some briefly, some for just a little while or those of you "constants" - you all never cease to pick me up again and again, inspiring me to keep learning more about my craft and to do my very best for you. Truly and from the heart, my customers and fellow "Etsians" mean so much to me and my journey thus far here at Etsy.

My Best, as always
Tracy "Lynne" Bryan Roberts