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Welcome to my shop! The home of inspirational decor for your living space! All of my items are hand painted using rich quality, non toxic, USA made, enamel and acrylic paints.

All of the jewelry listed in my shop are made from scratch. Each of these jewelry pieces was cut from glass, wrapped in copper and then painted and finished.

I find my items to paint from different sources: craft stores, yard sales, conventions, online sources etc. Even though I realize all painted items are one of a kind as no two painted items come out the same, I will always say "One of a Kind" in my descriptions to indicate that there is actually only ONE of those items available to purchase. I cannot replicate it onto that same surface unless by chance I see it again in the future.

I am a lover of nature. My TREE landscape designs were painted to keep you inspired and motivated in achieving peace and happiness in your life.

Ann Lihl
Decorative Painter/Owner
Simply the Best Creations

ALihlBestCreations' Shop Policies


Welcome to Simply the Best Creations by Ann Lihl!

My mission is to make one of a kind artistic items that are unique and beautiful to look at, to support all things handmade, and to keep the craft of making things alive, including supporting other artists.

All items listed are hand painted with only the highest quality paint that is made specifically for that product. All glassware is painted with paints that are rich in color, lead-free and made to last many years! None of the items listed in this shop are spray painted, and no paint markers are used. Just the good old fashioned water, brush and paint (the paint has a sealant in it already)!


Hi There!

My shop accepts all major credit cards and Paypal transactions also.

Money Orders are acceptable but your order will take longer to process due to the time it takes to receive the money order in the mail.
If your money order is not received within two weeks, your order will be canceled.

Refunds: Once your item has been mailed to you, you have 7 days to return the item should you not want it. You pay the return shipping.

If the item has broken during shipment, contact the shop for what to do next. Do not throw away the contents of the broken item away. It may have to be mailed back for exchange or credit. Some items, at this time, will be insured as part of the shipping fees. Each situation is different, so there is no set rule on broken items at this time, due to the fact there are many one of a kind items that cannot be replaced, but there are many items that can be made again too.

Please be sure you really want an item before buying. Canceling an item needs to be done BEFORE shipping of the order. In other words, within 24 hrs of ordering the item.

Any other questions, please contact the shop. We are very flexible on solving whatever challenges should arise.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!


Ornaments are sent by First Class Mail (individual ornaments) versus USPS. Multiple ornament orders will be sent by Priority Mail. Big ticket items will be sent probably by Priority Mail. All items will have a tracking number and big ticket items will have insurance added to the shipping cost. We ship out orders on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.
We also ship internationally on most items, but not all. Any other questions, you can contact the shop.

Refunds and Exchanges

Refunds: For all items, within 7 days of receiving your order, if you should decide the product is not right for you, a refund for the product will be refunded to you, AFTER you mail back the item. You, the buyer, pay for the return shipping costs.

If the item is broken while being shipped, you may return the product to Simply the Best Creations for a full refund of the cost of the item or an exchange. Once the item has been received, and if you decide you'd rather not exchange the item, the cost of the product will be refunded to you. Please contact me for details.

Last Updated October 23, 2012