ANenaJewelry's Shop Announcement

Stay warm with ANena Jewelry! Thank you for shopping and welcome to ANena Jewelry; A luxurious, loving, warm ,happy, peaceful, and spiritual experience. With every order you will receive a free three piece soy wax candle set valued at $30 .

I have been creating your jewelry with great love and attention to details in a spiritual and sanitary space for over 30. Most of my items are: unique, one of a kind and they sell quickly and I can't remake them because I found those particular items when I was traveling and they cant't be remade so if you like something get it while you can. I use only the highest quality of gemstones that will pamper you with the love and positive energy that I put into making them into jewelry and will make you feel very loved,elegant as my affirmations nourish your soul. I put the same love, happiness and patience in making your hand poured Soy Wax Candle made with Lead-Free 100% cotton wicks.

You can trust that you'll receive exactly what you ordered in the picture in your size. Please list your desired length in inches for a sure fit.

"When you buy something made by a person, there is something special there, and you do feel it. The consciousness with which a thing is made is often more important than the thing itself." - J. Donald Walters said and its true.

I remember how I felt each time my mother made me a dress. I could feel the love that she put into it. When I buy something handmade, I can feel the excitement and love that the person put into it and I rush to wear it every time.

A'Nena Jewelry is Spiritual Beads With Affirmations and backgrounds....( available as an instant download! ) I ship jewelry For You and I ship them World-Wide!

I Love making jewelry and candles; I dream about it every night!!! And you can feel that love and excitement that I feel in my jewelry and candles. Jewelry is serendipitous and transcending yet balancing; candles are magically and relaxing. You get a chance to dream about how it will look on your and when you'll where it. That is why I ship your jewelry to you as quickly as possible so you can begin to live your dream!

My Jewelry is about spiritual beads. I believe that gemstones put us in touch with what is divine and strong. I feel calmer and more peaceful when I wear my jewelry. In fact I have 3 bracelets that I never take off and they put me in touch with that which is sacred,, pure and safe=Spirituality . Spiritually is what has kept me whole, peaceful, calm and strong at all times and able to say no when something is not good for me with out feeling like I am loosing something. Because when you know that there is a good spiritual force the surrounds you, you remember at all times to good to all life forms and there is no need to worry because that good spiritual force will nourish you and lead you in the right direction. My affirmations remind you to ignore lack and focus on the abundance in your life.My Jewelry is also inspired by 15th Century Pre-columbian era, primarily the native indigenous people that lived in: Africa, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Machu Picchu.

This holiday give those who are important to you something spiritual and hand made by ANena Jewelry; its different, fun, unique and made from the highest quality of materials. Thank you for shopping at ANena jewelry. Organic, Bohemian & Spiritual Jewelry,handmade with Love especially for you.