APegaRabuda's Shop Announcement

**SUMMER SALE! Browse our "Clothing" Section! All items on sale!**
In our shop, we design and sew unique and unrepeatable pieces for children and adults. We are guided by quality in the choice of raw materials and give primacy to what is portuguese: the portuguese "chita" and straws, cross stitch, crochet, linens, etc.. Our products have a clear ecological orientation, they are 100% cotton and are all pre-washed with anti-allergenic home-made products.

For us, purchasing an item from our shop exceeds the strict sense of the purchase, it is rather an experience, a return to an often distant childhood, you need to know to redeem, where the authenticity and warmth of our dedication sure make a difference. The philosophy of our trademark is rather this: offering others a way of living and seeing life differently than we are used to.

Every day, in the morning, the "Pega-Rabuda" lands on our wall and reminds us that it's time to start working. For me, it's always a joy to see it, because it represents my happiness and fulfillment.