ARTFOUNTAIN's Shop Announcement

If I would try to write about art, in the situation when I don’t have any information about the public that is going to read it, if there is a special public interested on a specific artistic model or current, this would bring the risk to disorientate the public of this gallery & shop.…

Even so, I would welcome any expert and passionate of this particular artstream who are interested to buy … hopping that the others have the necessary information as well.

I am an artist of Albanian origin. My way of artistic research is undoubtly the picturesque images which I inherit from my roots.

For those who would like detailed explanation about me and my artwork, please feel free to contact me at my e-mail address: alkedi.derhemi [!at] . I’ll be glad to provide you with detailed information.

Please, read carefully all the information at the section “Message for the buyers”.

The only way of payment is through money transfer to my bank account in order to have full transparency on the income resources and to avoid any misunderstanding.

So, anyone that is interested in buying any of my artworks, please send me a message to my e-mail address to have the bank details for the payment. I would kindly request also to have your own courier for the transportation of the artwork at your place, so that you can fully protect your investment.

Thank you and enjoy your visit.

Scrivere sull'arte quando non si ha un preciso tipo di cliente... interessato a una determinata corrente d'arte, rischia di essere approssimativo e di confondere il visitatore di questo negozio...mi rivolgo quindi agli appassionati del materico, dell' informale e del concettuale.

Per chi compra direttamente da me, non è necessario fare il passaggio tramite il sito...
mi rivolgo agli acquirenti che hanno modo di vedere le opere esposte in studio...

Per chi volesse spiegazioni più dettagliate riguardo ad un'opera, mi contatti al indirizzo email: alkedi.derhemi [!at] sarò ben lieto di fornire qualche indicazione in più.

Grazie e buona visita.