ARTFelt1's Shop Announcement

Welcome to my shop full of creations made from my minds eye to make you dream and wonder. Creations intertwined with Heart and Soul.

Using a barbed needle, roving (any wool processed to be used in
needle felting) is poked with the needle into other roving or felt to make 3D or 2D items. The wool fibers intertwine with each other into the pattern you make. And believe me it takes a LOT of poking for each item. :)
Because there are so many different handmade dyed colors available to the artist it is like painting with wool of different colors. Silk is also used.
In my work I also incorporate specialty fibers used to knit unusual
sweaters etc. to give the work more depth and texture.
Needle felting is a relatively new form of art which just became a recognized art form in the US around 1980.
Many different kinds of wool from sheep, llamas, alpaca are turned
into usable roving and yarn to create needle felted items.
And - please take a look at my sister shop here on Etsy where my other artwork designs can be viewed and purchased. Thank You Jo