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Adam Halé Saul is a husband, father, fighter, lover, carnivore, honky-tonk hero, robot, and board-certified attitude adjuster. He’s got soul. He’s superbad. Hell, even his name is just a string of four-letter words.

Adam Halé Saul is also a graphic artist with portfolios ranging from Pencil, Ink to Photoshop, Illustrator, from didgeridoos to tattoos. Born, raised, and coal-fired in southwestern Virginia, Adam has developed devoted clients through his work. From friends (& foes) to local, regional and national bands, his work has graced biceps and billboards across the nation. Adam’s broad array of artistic abilities and natural understanding of design and technique has taken him to ever-challenging roles in New YorkCity design firms, western Virginia’s premier tattoo parlors, and various screen-printing workshops. His love of music, pin-up art, and classic Americana are evident in his bold poster and screen-printed designs, homegrown on moonless nights in Salem, VA. Above all, an Adam Saul design represents integrity: each piece is designed to deliver emotion and pride from the first viewing to the last.

Lookin’ for artwork with chops?
Or maybe you’ve got a beef with me?
Don’t be chicken, write me a little something.