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Last updated on November 19, 2014
This is Yama, artisan/technologist. ATXinventor for most internet purposes. As many of us say in Austin, Texas, I wasn't born here but got here as fast as I could.

Long story follows. If you don't want to read it all, fine, you'll do OK knowing that I am aware that you really want the best for your kid, and that I hope I will be able to help.

I'm the oldest child of two teachers. In South America and the Dominican Republic. Teachers over there don't make much money at all, but my parents were totally devoted to get their two kids to *become* the best. We were a team at that. Meaning, fixin' to be the most able to make a difference for others. Raised as a teacher, educator, mentor, 3 degrees in education and over 15 years between blackboard and desk later, something was still sorely missing. Even 10 further years later, I might, just might have a thread on what I can really be "useful" at, where I can be of most help.

It's this: Each learner learns in his or her own way. The role of a parent (or teacher, acting in the stead of a parent) is to "open" that way. Sort of like "blazing a trail" in a wilderness, if you're into metaphors.

Too much trouble, too expensive. So we'll build this superhighway, not a puny trail. For everybody. With fancy stuffs, expensive, shiny, much colors. Then everyone will have many education opportunity. wow.

Except. It.doesn' Never did. Never will. One-size-fits-all schooling is at best a silly mistake, at worst a crime against humanity. No matter how much you spend, how many big brains you put there. But the worst expenditure? not the big brains, the ones just coming to be.

If you ever had to say "I don't get it" in school, in pain and shame, maybe even crying, IT WAS NOT YOUR FAULT!!!!
yet, you or your classmate were treated with contempt, as "less good" than others (we teachers even keep score to convince you of that). Made to feel it WAS your fault ("just work harder, kid!")

This thing about turning a family's life into some sort of mandatory obstacle course? By people who are generally kind and the most compassionate, as many teachers are? Yet they develop a sadistic environment, often worst in stress than anything before or after, for the sake of pitifully weak and useless "educational goals"? (that too often they don't even achieve to teach?) Pay 12 years behind walls for the crime of being a kid?

You know, that's not right. I mean, certainly, we don't all "get it" right away, but "not getting it" is not a /fault/. Doesn't mean there's something /wrong/. That you're less than anyone.

I was part of that. The fact that I was seeking something better is no excuse. I still cringe at what I made kids go through when I was "following orders". At least I got eventually to figure out how wrong I was.

And maybe how to do things right.

So it works this way. The big reason quality education (based on individual learning giftings and needs) is not available to all is that it would be too expensive, right? So we "need" instead this industrial machine approach to education, different in degree but not in substance to the manufacturing thousands of doodads in an assembly line, right?

As with much of the human condition, the answer is that it all depends. What matters here, first, is if someone will take a stand and do something for *that* kid so he or she has a better opportunity to find and follow his or her own path than what is given by mere random chance. If you have read this far, it seems that you /are/ already working to "make" that child's luck, not just sit and wait for a maybe.

Then, offer the child options, opportunities to learn, experiment, and grow. That is, to learn naturally, doing, living, achieving.
As to my role, most likely I can't solve things. That's not so bad, for as far as I know nobody can. What I *can* do, is help what is natural, what is part of a child's increated talents for learning to have something to work with as his or her own pace and own terms.

Setting up an Etsy shop has so far been the best move in turning some of my talents and passions into something that is both socially useful, and eventually (not yet) will provide a living wage for honest work. The work is there already, yay, so we're half way there? :-)

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Goodwill and conciliation if and when things go wrong is what I strive for.
Worst case scenario the official policy is a full refund on items being returned, but that has so far never been necessary, as in the few instances something went wrong (a piece missing, shipping mishaps, purchase cancellation) the buyer and I have been able to work things out.
Generally I take payments through Paypal and Etsy gift credit. Some of my clients have seen fit to contact me outside of Etsy for some special orders - that is OK, though generally working through Etsy is fine.
If for some reason you want to cancel your order, unless it were a personalized item I will refund you 100% of the value and shipping fees, if cancellation happens before the item is shipped.
Sales shipped to a Texas address pay Texas/Austin sales tax, 8.25%
I used to do "just in time" manufacturing, and that didn't work 100% of the time. I am now going into a combination of actual inventory and pre-sales. The intention is that if an item is in actual inventory, it will be shipped in 1 or 2 business days, otherwise in 3 to 5 unless there is a special circumstance.
I am open to rush orders, as for example personalized items for a birthday party, but it all depends. Please contact me.
Additional policies and FAQs
Please be aware that wood is a natural material, and some irregularities are to be expected. Wood, and more so acrylic can have sharp ends and edges, can break or splinter. Small pieces pose a choking risk. Use of these products by young children or irresponsible individuals should be done under proper supervision, and at your own risk