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I love the simple, playful, joyfully spirited fairies. I had trouble finding fairy / faerie pendants that matched my personal style, so I decided to make my own! I hope you have as much fun wearing my original handmade Fairy Simple TM designs as I had making them!

Some of my original designs are made from handmade molds; others are drawn directly into the piece. I create my jewelry from Precious Metal Clay (PMC), which is an AMAZING clay like material/binder mixed with particles of silver that can be shaped etched and molded before firing into silver. The finished fired product is 99% pure silver! Its Incredible Stuff!

A few words about fairies.....they are Fairy Simple TM.

Fairies are simple in the best sense of the word. They live fully in the present moment. They do everything in a joyful playful way. Fairies live in the spirit of fun. Total emersion into fairy energy brings peace, joy, happiness, and fulfillment.

Fairy energy is very light and soft. It can be difficult to sense. Fairies communicate in short sentences. Sometimes you can’t see them directly; sometimes you may see them in your minds eye. Fairies wait until they trust you before they reveal themselves.

Fairies experience the wonder of nature all the time. They love nature sanctuaries, preserves and wild areas. Fairies sometimes travel but not too far. They feel safe in the woods. They shy away from buildings and concrete. They live in nature. Trees give fairies their life force. Spend some time in nature with these joyful playful spirits.

My Wish for you is to experience all the love, light, joy, magic, and playful delight of the Fairies.

You can do it!

It’s Fairy simple TM.

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***********************Fairies & Fairy Tales*****************************
***************by Susan Eileen Jizba, Writer & Artist*******************

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