AanstadtDasBreeches' Shop Announcement

Welcome to Aansdtad Das! Which means 'Instead of that' Truly an alternative to all else out there! Originally, all designs by Sonya began as comfortable clothing that was flattering and could be dressed up or down. Easy to care for, utilizing superior fabrics, with flattering designs. In the 70's those designs evolved into Riding apparel for all disciplines and led the way for a new tradition in apparel for equestrians. Sonya's designs are known for their fabrics and deerskin, fit, design, superior manufacturing techniques, and unique style. Perhaps the most sought after are her 1K's - One of a Kind' designs - each one an Original - no two alike. People find it so special to have something no one else has. The unique Color Code Sizing system Sonya developed by studying thousands of bodies insures the most accurate and comprehensive system on the market today. As an artist and being totally unique with her designs, it is a pleasure to have a site such as Etsy to display her creations. These are the Original Deerskin Breeches available for you and so much talked about!

For anyone who rides horses and wears breeches, you deserve to read 'Aanstadt Das - the TRUE Fairy Tail' by Sonya Bergstrom, in the Books/ Literature/ Fabrics/Sizing and Styles Section. This is a short Story, true accounting, taking one on a journey since the very beginning of Sonya's Design career and her path with the Aanstadt Das Riding Breech. It is had to believe, but trust me, no one could make this up. There are many who claim to be the same, but here we have the Original and its documentation. It answers many of the questions being asked about WHO Aanstadt Das really is. You will have a far greater appreciation, respect, and understanding of Aanstadt Das Designs and what they represent and who is behind them. The book is a real eye opener! It is available in November.

Aanstadt Das is owned by Chrisomaso Production Company.

You may contact Sonya directly at xberg [!at] with any questions or requests.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.