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Buy Vintage Go Green! Going vintage is one of the easiest ways to go green. Whenever you choose to buy vintage , you make the planet a little healthier.

Here you will find vintage treasures that reflect the trends of times past. Behind every vintage object, there is a rich history.

I love the uniqueness that vintage goods can offer.

Vintage items are the best choices for enriching your home or office. Antique and vintage pieces are not just beautiful: they’re good for the environment. Whenever you choose to buy something vintage instead of something brand-new, you save the large amount of energy and resources needed to make it! Take glassware for example. Before glass can be made, its materials first have to be gathered, processed, transported, and finally heated in an energy-intensive furnace. By purchasing old glass you skip all of this waste, not to mention the pollution it produces. Your old glassware will be much more unique and of better quality than mass-produced new glass. It will gain value as it ages and become a piece of history.
Vintage objects were made in a time before globalization shifted manufacturing to the Third World. Nowadays it can be difficult to tell whether a product is made in an environmentally-friendly way, whether it will last for a long time, and whether the workers that made it are treated humanely. Vintage goods have already demonstrated their high quality by withstanding the test of time.

Take good care of your vintage pieces. Preserve your beautiful possession for the next generation to love and enjoy and help the environment at the same time!

And I very much appreciate you for coming by!!!

Best Wishes,

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