Abysmal's Shop Announcement

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I buy under a different Etsy account (Eyedollize) so you can be assured ALL of my feedback for Abysmal is left for me as a Seller.

I always am open to commission pieces. Please keep in mind that I may not have the exact bones you want in stock. Plus a good portion of the beads I use are vintage that I got from my great grandmothers (and other family members) jewelry boxes. So, though making an exact replica is pretty much out of the question, I'll do my best to make something similar. Turn-around for custom pieces is generally 10-14 days.

I have a myspace here:
I sometimes have Myspace-only sales, so be sure to add me!

I have recently come into a partnership with the Audobon Center for Birds of Prey in Maitland, Florida. They collect the bones of rodents and such that they feed the birds and, in return, I donate 20% of the sales from bone jewelry back to the center. So, not only will your purchase be supporting a starving artist, but also a bird sanctuary!

Some of my larger pieces come from the wild. Everything that I personally scavenge is thoroughly cleaned before I create. Let's face it, if I wouldn't want to TOUCH it, you wouldn't want to WEAR it, right!?