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Jewelry Inspired by Travel

My name is Ada Rosman and I was born in Warsaw, Poland. When I was very young my family decided to escape from what was then Communist Poland. Even though I was very young when this happened, the transition has shaped me into a motivated, passionate and determined creator of my own hand-crafted jewelery.

Some fun Q&A about me and what inspires my work:

How did you get into your current line of creation? What piqued your interest in this particular type of work?

My love of metalsmithing seems to have happened by chance... I found my own creative space in the arts right as I was getting ready to graduate from the University of Washington. I was truly drawn to the medium and actually changed both of my majors so I could get a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Metals. It gave me the ability to make both a piece of jewelry and wearable piece of artwork which is able to tell a story and transform the past.

How would you describe your jewelry process?

Ever since I can recall, I have never had the patience to sit still and have always kept myself and my hands busy with something. From my childhood crayons to my first set of paints; I have always been drawn and influenced by the arts. Knowing this about me, each of my pieces is still designed and handmade with care in my studio. I use quality materials and traditional metalsmithing techniques to lovingly create jewelry that is inspired by my love of travel and storytelling. Every piece is carefully handcrafted with special attention to the quality of craftsmanship.

What gets your creativity going?

My work continues to be influenced by my culture and historical moments in the past, but also by my travels. Thanks to travel I have become to realize that each place, every new person, and diverse culture continually influences and inspires my work. I absorb everything around me and reshape it into wearable artworks.

Favorite thing that you have made? What’s the story behind it?

I really enjoy making custom pieces since I get to learn more about the person that will be wearing it as as well as giving it - it gives me the chance to create a special piece of wearable art that carries the wearers’ own personal story. My thesis show for graduation was definitely a series of work that challenged me and influenced my current work. The BFA thesis work was about my families journey from Poland. We escaped from what was then Communist Poland by driving our Volkswagen Beetle to a refugee camp in Rome, Italy before we were able to come to America.
Ada Rosman
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