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Note from shop owner My shop is on vacation temporarily while I focus on creating items for local shows. If you should need to contact me for any reason you may do so via Facebook.
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Note from shop owner

Last updated on Oct 3, 2017

My shop is on vacation temporarily while I focus on creating items for local shows. If you should need to contact me for any reason you may do so via Facebook.
Thank you!

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This outlander wine is perfect if you like a super dry red...which I do not lol. But at least I got to show off this handpainted SPN inspired Castiel wine glass. down this stuff like Jamie Fraser would if it were a glass of port flushed Wish me luck.


I rescue abandoned dishes & rehabilitate them in order to give them a new fancy life! <3

It all started with a naked mug and some Sharpies; after an ohm, some good vibes, a Supernatural dish or two, some Harry Potter inspired mugs, a trip to the thrift store & lots of loyal enthusiasm from my friends and family, Adopt-a-Dish was born.

Why did I choose Adopt-a-Dish?
Well, have you seen the number of discarded dishes collecting dust in thrift stores worldwide? They sit there on tiny shelves, unnoticed & unloved, until one day someone throws a new orphaned dish on the pile causing the one perched most precariously near the edge to plummet toward impending doom.

What a cruel world, to keep a dish from reaching its full potential just because its previous owner noticed an imperfection, didn't have the full set, or just because they brought home the new, smaller, cuter dishes and so the older, less cute, dishes had to move out.

Giving to & caring for the abused & abandoned is what America is all about. It's like the statue of liberty says:

"Give me your dusty, your stained, your naked mugs yearning to be rescued,
The wretched refuse of your teeming donation box.
Send these, the homeless, abandoned receptacles, to me:
I lift my paint beside the porcelain exterior."

Or something like that. ;)

Every dish has its own unique look & story. The story may be included with the piece when it's shipped along with an Adoption Certificate.

Thanks for visiting!
And remember, don't shop; adopt!

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    Hi! Beth here! Mother, wife, photographer, painter, dish rescuer, Supernatural fan & yoga lover. Possibly part unicorn...I'll never tell.

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Frequently asked questions
Care instructions

Care instructions are so easy even Draco Malfoy could do it. (Whether he would do it is another story...)

Clean it the muggle way; Mrs. Weasley would appreciate it if you didn't whip your wands out for everything. Hand wash in warm water with a soft cloth to preserve image. Please refrain from putting items in the dishwasher unless indicated as being top-rack dishwasher safe, and using any abrasive cleaners or scrubbers. You will receive personalized care instructions for your order in your package. I cannot guarantee items not properly cared for, but if you contact me I'll be happy to give you touch-up instructions if necessary.

Can I put my dish in the dishwasher?

If an item is top-rack dishwasher safe, it will be listed as such in my shop or in the care instructions you receive in your package. However, having said that I will also say that I highly recommend babying your adopt-a-dish. As much as I would love to claim they're indestructible, they're not. Hand-washing will guarantee that your dish design will enjoy the longest life possible.

Custom and personalized orders

I do accept custom orders, but since it's just me I do have to limit the amount of custom orders I accept. You can make custom requests if the "Make Custom Request" button is on in my shop. If not then custom requests will be limited to personalizations on posted items indicated in the description as being something I can personalize. Those will usually be Made To Order items or anything that specifically indicates it's customizable.

Rush Orders:
I cannot do rush orders. I've tried before with poor results for the customer & I am unwilling to sacrifice quality just to get something to you faster. It takes as long as it does for a reason. :)

Information on design longevity:

From concept to completion, I do everything in my power to insure the design will last as long as possible. I even let all my items cure for a month before I send them to their new homes (which is about 2 wks longer than recommended). While I can't guarantee that the design is completely indestructible I can guarantee you that if it's been sealed & is properly cared for, your dish should enjoy a nice long life with respect given to normal wear and tear. There are other variables that affect the longevity of any dish (do you use it regularly, has it been sealed with an acrylic sealer, is part of the design unable to be sealed for food safety reasons, etc.) & I've answered specific questions further along in the FAQs. :)

Gift wrapping and packaging

I can offer gift wrapping if you indicate it's needed in the notes section of your order, or in a private message. I will also need the name of the person the item is being gifted to so I can put it on the Adoption Certificate I include in the package. :) If an item is gifted, you will not receive the usual itemized packing slip in the box; instead, you will receive a version of the packing slip that does not include pricing information. If you need the itemized version for any reason, I can always send it to you in a private message if requested or (even easier) you can access it through your Etsy account.

Shipping Info

Items which are already made go out as early as the next day.

Made To Order items take longer to complete; usually a month give or take a week. I can usually have them painted pretty quickly - it's everything that comes after that which takes a while. For more detailed information on the item you're interested in, feel free to message me.

I HIGHLY recommend choosing a shipping option that includes insurance. Once the package is out of my hands I can't guarantee its safety, but the insurance will all but guarantee that neither of us loses any of our hard-earned money. :)

Is my dish food safe?

All of my mugs are always food safe. The outside is the only part that comes in contact with an acrylic sealer for the purpose of protecting the design & it's always applied 1/4" from the rim of the cup.

Most of the time you have the choice of whether you want your plates or saucers sealed or not. The sealer I use is not food safe & I've discovered many of the food safe sealers I've tried in the past do not hold up well to heat. Having said that, at this time I do not seal plates and saucers which will be used for food so special care should be taken with those to protect the design. You should expect some scratching if you often use a fork or knife over the surface. However, if the item is for display only, you won't have a problem.

Is it safe to drink from mugs which have a design or text on the inside? Will the design last?

I only use non-toxic oil-based paint on the inside of my mugs so yes, it is safe to drink from.

However, be warned: while I do all in my power to make sure my designs will last time after time, I cannot seal the inside of a mug or bowl for food safety reasons so it won't have that extra layer of protection. You should be extra careful with spoons & understand that some scratching just comes with the territory; it's not going to stay perfect forever, especially if you use it with hot liquids often. I'm experimenting with other food safe application methods & will keep you updated if I find a solution to this problem, but thus far I haven't found any surefire way to prevent it.

What should I do if some of the paint should chip off?

It is considered normal wear & tear for bits of the paint to chip off over time, even if you’re hand washing. I wish I could, but I simply can’t guarantee the designs will be preserved perfectly with use, forever. However I have had more of a problem w/this in regard to the black oil based paint; it seems to chip easier & w/more frequency than any other color/paint. I’m working on finding a solution to this, but in the meantime I suggest you purchase your own touch-up pen. I usually get mine from amazon or eBay (cheaper), & you can find them by searching for Black Sharpie Oil-Based Paint Pen. 9 times out of 10 you’re going to need a fine point or an extra fine point. Contact me for instructions on how to bake your touchups in.