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One of the original arrangements of my favorite shelter dogs, along with the personalization done for the shelter.
My display case - completed with many of the items that can be made by Adoptablecharms.
And its official - a US Trademark.
My original shop logo - Chance - my inspiration.
One very personal memorial Adoptablecharm - for my husband and my love - Chance.

Adoptablecharms - Handmade and helping homeless animals

I have had a love for always loved dabbling in the 'arts and crafts' as well as photography, but I until last year, I didn't know how to combine the two.

I have also been volunteering at a local shelter for about the last 8 years or so. I love the shelter animals - especially the "big dogs". They are so loving, and giving them some happy times - training and playing - was something that gave me great joy.

Then one day last year, I got an Italian charm bracelet when I donated to a rescue, It was one with a lot of logos on it. From there, I had thought it was a great way to raise money - always needed by a shelter. I did a lot of searching and researching and found that it was possible to make the same bracelets using photo's, a special resin, and the base charm bracelet.

And that is how 'Adoptablecharms' was born. I decided that all the pictures of the shelter animals that I had taken would be a great way to remember them. More searching, and I have found more options with dog tags, necklaces, and other bracelets. If I can find the hardware, which I get from two small sellers, I can make it.

One other step I took, which has been the biggest part of my business, is to make personalized bracelets and accessories for my clients. Any picture they have I can take and produce a one of a kind piece of jewelry or memento. I have met so many great people, and seen so many fantastic members of their families - both animal and human.

My workshop is very basic - a small area carved out of the corner of my basement. It is very well lit, which is needed for the detail work I do. I also have a large magnifier so that I can be precise in the cutting and creating of the jewelry. Each piece is individually created, whether from the shelter animals or from the clients photos. I pick just the right part of the picture to focus on - and this is what I use. I edit and make sure the lighting and coloring of the article is 'perfect' - specially created for the client.

The 'dog-tags' are a great way to both remember pets that have gone to the rainbow bridge, and to use as photo-id's on living pets collars. A client was the one that originally thought of using hers for a remembrance

Right now Adoptablecharms is hobby with a great side benefit of helping the shelter. I hope to have it become my career so that I can donate even more to the animals! My love for the animals is the reason that I put heart & soul into each and every piece of jewelry I make. I would love for everyone - men, women, and children - to wear my creations. If it is in 'memory of' a special loved one, I hope I bring some joyful memories back into their lives. For anyone, I hope everytime they look at their Adoptablecharm, they smile - both at the picture they have there and also because they helped the homeless animals.

Here is the mission of the TJO Foundation - where the funds are donated:
Our Mission
Striving to give each and every animal that comes through its doors a chance at a better future, the TJO Foundation lends a voice to animals who cannot speak for themselves. The Foundation supports and enhances the programs and medical services of the Thomas J. O’Connor Animal Control and Adoption Center through fundraising, public awareness and educational outreach. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit serving animals in Western Massachusetts.
Deb and the 'kids'
owner, maker, My inspirations
Hi, my name is Deb, I am the owner and maker of Adoptablecharms. Pictured with me were my inspirations for my business.

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