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11 months

Excited to announce a new addition to our product line-up - Personalized Reversible Crate Covers! Change the look with a simple flip of the cover. It looks just as good on the inside of the crate as the outside.  We can also make custom size beds to fit.

2 years

We are excited to announce our latest bed style: The Penthouse Bed!  With 5 bolsters this bed is perfect for pets that love to curl up and snuggle against its sides.  It is reversible so you can use both sides and features a removable washable cover.

3 years

Now offering custom pillows to perfectly match your custom bed. Each pillow includes 3 fabrics of your choice. The package includes a Cuddle Bed with embroidery and a personalized bone pillow. The heart pillow with paw is an optional add-on.

3 years

Our custom beds give you the freedom to choose your exact size, fabrics, and stuffing. The one pictured above features special order fabrics, a custom size and memory foam insert. It fits perfectly in the custom built crate and looks absolutely stunning.

3 years

We are excited to announce the release of our new website which now let's you see fabrics on the bed as you select them! Come visit our newly resigned website at adorepetbeds.com

4 years

Did you know that we can make custom beds with fabrics that you provide? We can work with different fabrics including thick upholstery fabrics. This is a bed made with a Pendleton Wool Blanket that the customer provided and it turned out spectacular!