AestheticAmbrosia's Shop Announcement

Hello to you all! :) Thank you so much for visiting my shop!
Cant wait till I'll be back in action especially for the end of the summer/ fall!!
Lots of new great things ahead! I took about a year off to better the business plan and expand some options for you all and to make this little shop even bigger and brighter!
Thank you for your patience those of you that have been patiently waiting with anticipation to see the shop back up and ready to sell!
Soon my pretties Soon!! :D
Thank you for your support and I hope to see you back here soon for the RE-GRAND OPENING! :)

Will be posting new items soon!! What to look forward too-
NEW HAIR ACCESSORIES, RING, CUFFS AND PINS/BROOCHES!!! (as well as steam-punk /gothic/ neo-victorian/ fantasy style jewelry)
ALSO- NEW PACKAGING!!! AND Steampunk/ Victorian/ Nature/ Portrait/ Fantasy Prints! :D
If you have a face book account look up Aesthetic Ambrosia and like my page! THERES NEW ART!!!
You'll see updates when I add new things to the shop and there is also two portfolio folders full of examples of my previous work! Hope to see you soon!
Welcome friends, to a very unique corner of the creative verse made by me. I'm Jaimee, and this is my shop Aesthetic Ambrosia. I know what your thinking... strange name hehe well it means "Art that is fruit for the Gods." :)

Come in sit for a spell and take your time. Everything is made with detail and uniqueness in mind so that you may feel fabulous in your one of a kind piece of wearable art!

I combine found object artistry with fine art skill, making unique pieces of wearable art. Products include, original and prints of my art as well as Victorian/ Steam Punk/ Fantasy style jewelry, mixing classic style and edgy elegance in a variety of mediums. Now Including Sky and Landscape Photography Prints!
Custom pieces and commission opportunities coming soon!

I am extremely eclectic and creative so you will see artwork in a variety of mediums. Come back often to see what new things I've created! You never know what fantastical things you might find!
Warm Regards,
Jaimee Whitehouse