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Handcrafted, Earth Friendly, Ethically Sourced, LGBT Friendly, Spiritual, Yoga & Vegan Designs by Atlanta Artist, Kristen Anderson.

YOGA, ZEN & VEGAN JEWELRY - Ahimsa Designs by Kristen Anderson offers handcrafted, artisan designs promoting global awareness using only eco-conscious & cruelty-free materials.


I AM FIGHTING WITH MY EGO. AGAIN... from my blog (

During what should have been a productive day in my studio, I decided to ramble on in my own mind about what defines art. I started piecing together snippets from different conversations with people I admire, creatively and personally. I am trying to make peace with this girl in my head who keeps telling me I am not an artist.

So, here is the backstory. Over a decade ago I began this journey of creating jewelry. Working full time as a therapist with teenagers whose stories and struggles and pain left me in tears for most of my hour drive home, I found I needed something to do as my own therapy. I needed something to do with my hands, some way to create order out of chaos, a way to bring color and beauty to my little world. So, I started creating jewelry as my own coping strategy. At night I could think through my sessions from earlier in the day and while still keeping part of my mind focused on the task before me, I found I gained clarity to offer new observations and thoughts to my students the next day. Once I gave birth to my daughter a couple of years later and decided to stay home with her, it seemed like an easy way to bring in some money while I worked from home. (I grossly overestimated how easy that would be and how much money I would actually be making, but that is an entirely different blog.)

Most people I know who are jewelers on any level began by playing with beads. Buying them. Arranging them. Assembling them. It’s fun. It begins the yearning to know more, to do more. It gets us into a few arts and crafts shows where we begin to compare our work to others, we become inspired. We want to get into bigger shows with the right crowds for our product. We want to make pieces that people do not constantly pick up and announce that their cousin makes jewelry just like this. We realize that many shows will not accept jewelry made with beads. So some of us may start to play with wire. And then possibly dabble in woven metals. And finally, we begin the journey on the esteemed metalsmithing path. We dive into art history, we read about every metal technique there is, we take classes, we melt enough silver to pay for a dream vacation. There is a glimmer of hope that one day we may finally be recognized as an artist.

And suddenly, I am that third grader who came home with the first place ribbon for a vase and flower collage made entirely from paper. Fortunately, my grandmother (a definite artist) was visiting when I walked in the door and she and my mom insisted on taking my picture with the winning piece and making me feel like I had just figured out the secret to world peace. I felt amazing.

I have worked hard to learn new techniques, to understand heat and metal and flux and to be able to make custom pieces from the blank slate of sheet metal. I have been pushing myself towards some philosophical ideal of art, determined by the art fairies, otherwise known as galleries and art show jurors. And I have learned a funny thing about what art is to me. Art is when a couple sends me personal photos from their wedding day, wearing rings that I made with love and tells me that the rings made the day everything they hoped it would be. Art is when someone picks up the phone we talk for an hour about how the experiences I shared in a blog post helped her through a similar time. Art is when someone’s eyes fill with tears because the piece of jewelry she is giving says what she had been struggling to say for years to someone she loves. Art is when you touch a piece of metal a hundred times a day because it reminds you of someone you love. Art is when someone prepares to pass from this world, giving her family the pieces that were special to her, all with a story about how and why her husband had each one custom made for her. Art is connection. It is movement in the deepest parts of our souls.

And so, I am claiming my own definition of art for my business. I am still pushing myself technically with metal, because I am addicted to it and always want to grow and be challenged. But I am also giving myself permission to work with beads again. I miss color. I miss playing. And that’s okay, because I have a message to send, not a point to prove. I’m letting go of my ego’s need to be stroked and fed. I want to be moved and to move and to connect and love.

I am so thankful to each person who finds value and meaning in what I do. The connection we share is the true meaning of art for me.


YOGA & ZEN JEWELRY By Kristen Anderson (http://AhimsaDesigns.Com) - Original HandCrafted, Spiritual Jewelry, Sterling Silver Jewelry Designs promoting global awareness & using only Eco-Conscious & Cruelty-Free materials. Handmade Spiritual Jewelry, Soul Jewelry, Gay & Lesbian Jewelry, LGBT Friendly Jewelry, Sanskrit Jewelry, Gay Weddings.

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NOTE ABOUT HANDSTAMPED DESIGNS: All Hand Stamped and Personalized items are made to order and will ship 5 to 7 days from the order date. If you need your piece sooner than this please call Kristen at 678-472-3986 to discuss options.

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ECO CONSCIOUS SHIPPING: We care about the planet. All of our orders are shipped in earth-friendly materials including a fully biodegradable pouch.

“It is my passionate belief that by living in a way that does no harm to any living things, we spread love and make this world better. Be positive, one person can make a difference! Instead of feeling hopelessness or despair, be the change you wish to see in the world!”

~~ Kristen Anderson

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OUR STORY (About Ahimsa Designs - Jewelry For The Soul):

Ahimsa Designs is a conscious jewelry company designed to bring awareness and promote positive change while causing the least harm to the planet. The principle of ahimsa, the avoidance of violence or doing no harm, guides every aspect of our company. We specialize in sterling silver jewelry with a message to inspire you to be your most authentic, fulfilled self. When we create a fulfilled life, we have the power to change the world.

All pieces are handcrafted from recycled sterling silver sheet or wire using traditional metalsmithing techniques. We purchase only fair-trade gems and silver components. We use recycled packaging material. We intentionally avoid using materials that require new mining of the earth or support unethical working or trading conditions.

Kristen’s designs come out of personal experiences and stories. Her love of philosophy, poetry and her passionate beliefs can be seen in her collections. By realizing that we are all connected, we help lift each other up. It is our hope that our jewelry will inspire you to love fully, live boldly and bring peace and light to the world around us.


Hi! My name is Kristen Anderson and I am an artist who loves to create with metal. I am passionate about living ahimsa, maintaining the awareness of not hurting any living beings, and carry this passion into my jewelry designs and business practices. It guides every part of my is why I am a vegan, why I want to consume less, why I aspire to tread lightly.

When my first child was born, almost a decade ago, I chose to leave my career as a therapist and spend every moment possible with my precious baby. I had been designing and creating jewelry as a hobby for years. My daughter's birth ignited my creativity and within 3 months I had officially started my business. My son was born 2 years later and they have both grown up hanging out in my studio and helping me with arts and crafts shows. They have been my inspiration to do what I love and I am so grateful for the time it has given me with them during their brief childhood.

I find meaning in living out my most authentic self, bringing as much of me as possible to this world. My deepest desire is to be a light in the world, to invite others to shimmer and shine so that together we can be the change.

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