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These are some of the words that come to mind when one gazes upon an AlcheMystic Amulet. This collection of handcrafted jewelry evolved from my love of creating energetic pieces based on the healing properties of semi-precious stones and crystals. Working with copper, silver and bronze I strive to allow the metals and stones to take form however they desire.

Spirals are prominent within the collection. Among many things, a spiral is an energy vortex. In addition to enhancing the energetic qualities of the Amulet, a sense of movement and life comes forth. You may also see other references to sacred geometry. When working with the metals and stones I go into a “quiet space.” Each piece is handcrafted from a place of peace and calm allowing whatever needs to manifest to come through. Evocative of ancient times, mystical realms, and otherworldly influences, each design is a one of a kind piece. Even though some designs may be made in multiples each piece will be slightly different based on what comes through in that moment.

AlcheMystic Amulets can be looked upon as pretty jewelry or powerful healing tools; even both. If you desire, your AlcheMystic Amulet can be charged with Reiki healing energy upon ordering. I do not automatically charge each piece out of respect for the prospective wearer.

I also have line of bath and body products, AlcheMystic Bath Rituals available on etsy: