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4 months

I wish I could say this was a staged photo. I'm a messy worker even though my work is neat. If you're due for some self care, check out my new updated sleep masks. I enjoyed making them for you. Love, Alexis

8 months

My sweet husband made this jig for me. This will make it a lot easier to bend the wire to create the tiny hangers for my miniature sweater ornaments. Thank you, Honey, I love it!

10 months

Setting up for a photo shoot of some new shopping bags. Afterward we get to eat the props, yum! There might even be apple pie.

1 year

They are so sweet at this stage, when they have been stuffed and are still waiting for hair and clothes. Almost like they've just been born! Go see the adorable costume, the listing is live now.

1 year

I love touching and handling the beads. I've listed my first two pieces and there will be more to come. Enjoy!

2 years

Taking some new photos to give the shop a cleaner look. In the past I've tried a variety of backgrounds and they all have their charms but I'm ready to simplify with neutral colors.

2 years

Making tiny Aloha tank tops to replace the one I sold. And a couple extra. Actually, any excuse to make doll clothes.