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From Humble beginnings to business owner

We started our business in 2011 with a hope and a lot of hard work. We didn't have a lot of money to invest in the beginning, but my husband and I put together enough to make a start. I used the revenues we would generate from our business to slowly add new products. I taught myself how to properly photograph and edit pictures, came up with a line of items that I LOVED and then we went to work on logos, websites...months of work and study.... My husband gave me great insights on things I needed to know to run a successful business. Handled our book keeping, technical issues and more! Now today, We have the beginnings of a very successful business. We have made back every cent we had originally invested and are now enjoying the fruits of our labor. It has been such a fulfilling experience to own a business together...I believe our faith in God has helped us to be strong through all the slow, hard times in the beginning and to flourish now. My husband has been the biggest help to me! He has offered his help in any area I need him. (he has TREMENDOUS business sense.) He has helped with everything from business suggestions, to printing labels or boxing things up and running packages to the post office. He is such a blessing. This has been a wonderful experience thus far. We are loving the journey... ♥
Ali Grace
Owner, Maker, Designer
My name is Ali, I started my business in 2011 with a hope and a lot of hard work. I have enjoyed watching my business flourish and grow! I love the art of design and and adore creating beautiful new pieces. Such a fulfilling experience.

Owner, Busienss Manager