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The journey begins...

With engines humming and seat belts securely fastened, we raised our little plastic cups of complimentary booze, saluted the travel gods, and offered up a toast: To the strange and thrilling days ahead.

My husband and I were departing on Asiana flight 213 to Seoul, South Korea - the first destination of a year-long globe trot filled with topsy turvy tuk tuk rides, high altitude treks, the sweetest street dogs, and butt shorts - the most entertaining fashion trend of the year.

That was 2013. Now, back in the States in Louisville, Colorado, I'm hot on the trail for vintage thrills. I search for classic beauties (oh, those silky Dior robes) and unexpected pieces that crack a smile (pleather western wear, anyone?). Along the way, I'm learning all about vintage brands, fabrics, mending, photography, packaging, and - with a toddler running around - serious time management.

Find me on Instagram @aliceintikiland and at aliceintikiland.com, where there's always something thrilling to be found on the hunt for vintage.

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