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Information Update August 7, 2012 is LIVE and PRETTY! I'm also very pleased to announce that Fight Dirty, my new line, has rolled out. Want Red Velvet Lip Balm? Yes, you do. Go there.

This Etsy annex will shut down soon, likely by August 14th. Thank you!

Shop Update Wednesday, July 11 at 3PM

I'm not one of those dyers that sells out, so I don't think the time of the update matters much. I also have to leave home for a number of hours tomorrow, and and I think the afternoon would be better than after 9 PM.

I've done some summer-type colors this turn. Actually, I think of them as popsicle colors. There are plenty of my traditional saturated colorways as well.

Follow on Twitter or Like the Facebook page for information about updates and shipping notifications, color grouping ideas, project ideas, and to share your items with us. AGA also has a spankin' new Ravelry group, too.

YES, the Panoply Fingering is the yarn used on the cover of Knit.Wear in Cecily's Twist Pullover. Either one, Richness or Panoply, would be fantastic in that sweater.

If you order multiple skeins of the same colorway in the same yarn, I will do my best to match skeins.

I do have 40ish undyed skeins of Panoply Fingering on hand. You can send a message to me for custom orders.

Shipping will be done as quickly as I can. Domestic packages go out by Priority Mail. International deliveries are sent via First Class Mail. Because international shipments require a trip to the post office, those may be slower going out. My idea of hell includes something about customs forms and a newborn at the post office.

All listings are for single skeins of yarn. Even though there are three skeins in the photographs to show variances, you're getting one skein per order. But feel free to order multiple skeins.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.

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